Changing Life and Destiny Conference

Changing Life and Destiny Conference

The Real Insurance is Prevention

By Meredith Knight

Your destiny is not to feel tired all the time. Your destiny is not to take a fistful of pharmaceuticals each morning. Your destiny is not to carry excess weight you can’t seem to lose. Your destiny is not to be defined by a list of health conditions and limitations. But what is your destiny? On April 19, 2020 a group of health and wellness professionals will gather at Hilton Hotel at Granite Park to answer that question. And as a Living Magazine reader, you’ll have special perks.

The Changing Life and Destiny Conference is for health practitioners, business owners, CEOs, and anyone interested in becoming proactive about their health. Throughout the day, attendees will be introduced to the future of wellness care in the form of technology set to revolutionize healthcare over the next 10 to 15 years. At a time when the medical field is rethinking an outdated model of disease care and moving rapidly toward preventive wellness care, Changing Life and Destiny presenters will lead the charge, empowering you to prevent disease before it happens, rather than managing disease symptoms for life.

From cancer and diabetes to heart disease and Alzheimer’s, these groundbreaking technologies allow medical professionals and individuals to identify the underlying causes that lead to these diseases and prevent them before they occur. Conference presenters will be preeminent experts in the fields of:

  • Stem Cell Therapies
  • Weight Loss and Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Neurological Imbalance
  • Sleep and Stress
  • Cancer
  • Diet and Lifestyle
  • Brain Enhancement

Together they’ll give healthcare professionals the chance to witness and experience the future of healthcare, to learn about applications for their patient base, and to network with top innovators in their field. It’s a chance for business owners and CEOs to learn to empower their employees toward becoming independent advocates of their own best health and productivity. And it’s a time to excite, educate, and empower individuals to take control of their wellness.

Attendees will learn about incorporating correct food habits into their lifestyle to support healthy blood sugar and body composition, while correcting functional imbalances before they become disease conditions, and about addressing the root cause of symptoms. They’ll learn how to reduce healthcare costs for themselves, their families, and their companies.

Rather than the $199 admission fees, Living Magazine readers will pay just $45 and receive a Wellness Index Condition Optimum (WICO) evaluation and consultation (valued at $175) for free. Specially trained functional health consultants will evaluate the function of your body and show you why you may have trouble losing weight, may be suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, or any number of symptoms.

Consultants will evaluate these 15 key functions.

Consultants will evaluate these 15 key functions.

  • Digestive Absorption
  • Dysbiosis Inflammation
  • Nutritional Cellular Health
  • B-Vitamin Deficiency
  • Liver-Gallbladder Function
  • Thyroid Insufficiency
  • Adrenal/Melatonin Insufficiency
  • Growth Hormone Deficiency
  • Dysglycemia and Body Comp
  • Food Allergies
  • Connective Tissue and Vasculature Joint Muscle Inflammation
  • Lipid Metabolism
  • Cardio-Dynamics
  • Kidney/Renal

Imbalances can come from many things. Poor diet, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies and more. Too often in the past, patients were set on a treadmill with symptoms treated by medication leading to side effects which were treated with additional medication. The technology presented at the Changing Life and Destiny Conference is all about breaking that cycle, looking for the first signs of potential disease, and stopping it before it starts with healthy, preventive wellness choices.

Presenters will discuss individual diseases and their inducers and promoters. Then you’ll meet and experience the technology and professionals to help you identify and correct imbalances, develop better food and lifestyle habits, and get to the root cause of symptoms. You’ll leave ready to take control of your own health. Your destiny is not to be sick. Your destiny is to be in control of your optimum wellness.

Use the code LM2020 to claim your spot at the Changing Life and Destiny Conference for $45 (a $154 discount)!

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Changing Life and Destiny Conference

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