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CIVA Richardson SD 3-16 Spot RICH_WEB1As one of the few independent cardiology groups in Dallas, Cardiology and Interventional Vascular Associates (CIVA) is able to provide their patients with personalized service and exceptional care at a reasonable rate. Their newest office in Methodist Hospital in Richardson joins offices in Greenville, Kaufman, Rockwall, and two in Dallas. CIVA’s nine board-certified physicians, supported by a team of experienced nurse practitioners, have a reputation for excellence in diagnosing and pioneering innovative treatments for cardiovascular disease.

Leaders in their Field

CIVA’s premier healthcare providers are continually seeking and employing new methods for preventing, diagnosing, and treating cardiovascular disease for patients throughout DFW and beyond. Their state-of-the-art testing equipment and research studies are at the forefront of the industry. As a result, CIVA’s patients are often among the first to benefit from new innovative technology.

Personalized Care

CIVA physicians and staff place a value on the trust and confidence their patients and referring physicians place on them and the quality of care CIVA has become known for. From diagnosis through treatment and recovery, CIVA physicians and nurse practitioners seek to empower their patients to take wellness in their own hands through lifestyle changes and savvy treatment choices. Their methods of treatment include new, next-generation technologies available through its clinical research company Cardiovascular Research Institute of Dallas.

CIVA’s two physicians practicing in Richardson are Drs. John George and Tulika Jain.

CIVA Richardson SD 3-16 Spot RICH_WEB2Meet John George, MD, FACC

John George remembers his surgeon father entertaining colleagues when he was a boy. “I’d listen to them talk about interesting cases,” he said. “It seemed like such a rewarding and challenging career. When I showed an interest in studying medicine, my father encouraged me. But ultimately he left the decision up to me.” Now as a fellowship-trained interventional cardiologist, he spends his days looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of his patients and their families.

“My father taught me to put my patients first, above all else,” Dr. George said. “I was lucky to affiliate with CIVA where the philosophy is the same: put the patient and their needs before my own, before the hospital, before the insurance company, before all else. In a time when doctors are encouraged to rush patients in and out, CIVA advocates taking more time and really listening to our patients, the way my father and his friends did. I think a lot of doctors make the mistake of disregarding the importance of communicating with patients’ families. Instead we spend a lot of time with the family, answering their questions and concerns and making sure they’re comfortable with the care their family member is receiving.”

Dr. George received his medical degree at St. George’s University School of Medicine in Granada, West Indies, completed a residency in internal medicine at the UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School in Hackensack, New Jersey, and a fellowship in cardiology at the University of Pittsburg St. Francis Medical Center in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where he was a chief cardiology fellow.

His areas of expertise include interventional cardiology, STEMI, and pacing. He is interested in new investigational cardiology devices, and during his career he has already authored many articles published in peer-reviewed journals. He has also participated as a principal investigator (PI) in major heart-related research trials. When he’s not on the job, Dr. George enjoys exotic cars, sports, and scuba diving. “In the end, I’d like to be remembered for making a difference in several patients’ lives,” he said.

CIVA Richardson SD 3-16 Spot RICH_WEB3Meet Tulika Jain, MD, FACC

Tulika Jain knew she wanted to be a doctor when she was only three years old. “I loved my pediatrician because he made me feel better,” she said. “I knew even then that that’s what I wanted to do myself.” Throughout high school and college, she worked on cancer research at MD Anderson, thinking that’s where she’d direct her studies. “Then I discovered cardiology,” she said. “I realized as a cardiologist I’d be helping people feel better and live better.

Dr. Jain endears herself to her patients by keeping medicine personal. “An abundance of medical regulations has made it difficult for physicians to take the time they need with each patient,” Dr. Jain said. “I have patients tell me almost every day that they came to see me because a friend or relative told them, ‘Go see Dr. Jain. She really listens to you.’ I especially like it when I see a patient or family member taking notes of what I’m telling them. Statistics show that we remember about five percent of what we’re told. I want my patients to participate in their own wellness. I also try to include family members as much as possible, because often they are the best caregivers.”

A Dallas native, Dr. Jain completed a double major in biology and economics at Austin College, graduating magna cum laude. She was a Presidential Scholar at Austin College and received distinctions in chemistry and economics. She received honors in all of her medicine sub-internships at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and completed an internship, residency, and cardiology fellowship in Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern. She is board certified in internal medicine and in cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Jain completed an advanced imaging cardiology fellowship at UT Southwestern, specializing in cardiac CT, cardiac MRI, nuclear cardiology, and echocardiography, and then spent two years researching methods for noninvasive coronary imaging as a tool for prevention of cardiac events and received training in biostatistics and epidemiology. She has published literature on the relationship between atherosclerosis and obesity, as well as comparisons of the burden of coronary atherosclerosis by ethnicity and gender and has appeared on television as an expert.

When not on the job, Dr. Jain enjoys time with her husband and two kids and playing keyboard in a local ‘80s and ‘90s cover band. She’s also active in community groups within the Asian Indian community.

For an appointment call (877) 248-2669.

Cardiology and Interventional Vascular Associates’ board-certified physicians include:

  • Brian D. Lé, MD, FACC
  • Martin R. Berk, MD, FACC
  • Tony S. Das, MD, FACC
  • Kenneth E. Saland, MD, FACC
  • Jack W. Spitzberg, MD, FACC
  • Tulika Jain, MD, FACC
  • Charles B. Levin, MD, FACC
  • John George, MD, FACC
  • Tulio Diaz, MD

Should I take an aspirin a day for my heart?

While aspirin has been shown to help prevent heart attack and stroke by affecting the blood clotting process, The American Heart Association warns not to begin an aspirin therapy regimen without first consulting your physician, because the risks and benefits vary for each person. However, with their healthcare provider’s permission, people at high risk for heart attack can and should take a daily low-dose of aspirin. And heart attack survivors should also consider a regular low-dose aspirin regimen.

Methodist Richardson Office

2821 East President George Bush Highway, Suite 505

Richardson, Texas 75082

(877) 248-2669

Visit for additional locations and contact information.

Text: Meredith Knight

Photo: Guy T

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