Brunch Basics

Host a Delicious (and Beautiful) Summer Meal with These Tips


Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but brunch is the most fun. The sweet and savory mid-morning meal is iconic for a reason — it combines delicious food with boozy drinks, and you don’t even have to wake up early for it! (Plus, post-brunch afternoon naps are the best!) Skip your next happy hour or dinner party with friends and host a brunch at your house instead. Follow these easy tips to turn your brunch into the social event of the summer!

3-4 Weeks Before

Plan your party // Step one: decide what type of brunch you want to have. Will it be an intimate get-together with friends or a big backyard soiree? Will it be a family-friendly event or a strictly adults-only affair? Once you’ve nailed down the basic theme, you can work on the specifics. Pick a color scheme, make a guest list, decide on a date, and mail or email invitations.

2 Weeks Before

Create a menu // Food is (arguably) the most important part of brunch, so give yourself plenty of time to create the menu. Include a mix of sweet and savory breakfast and lunch items for your guests. You could get creative with colorful pancake charcuterie boards, complete with fruit, chocolate chips, whipped cream, butter, and syrup. Or, set up a buffet-style table with chicken and waffles, bacon, pastries, fruit, yogurt, egg casserole, tiny sandwiches, and salad. The possibilities are endless! Next, decide on drinks. Mimosa bars are popular, which includes several juice options and champagne bottles. Or mix a large pitcher of fruity sangria or Bloody Mary’s. Don’t forget to offer coffee as well!

2 Days Before

Decorate your table // The right centerpiece can set the mood for your brunch. For an early summer event, you’ll want to stick with bright colors, fresh flowers, and fruity candles. If your brunch is outside, skip the formal tablecloth and go with a fun table runner instead. You can also set out plastic champagne flutes and silverware. An indoor brunch can be more formal, with linen napkins, real glasses, and lit candles. Adding personalized place cards is another nice touch.

Party Day!

Be flexible and have fun // Pick up your pre-ordered food or start cooking in the morning, setting out fruit and drinks right before guests arrive. Finish putting up any last-minute decorations and balloons, turn on some laidback music, and open the door to your guests. Don’t worry about everything being perfect — a casual and comfortable atmosphere is part of the beauty of brunch! Enjoy your company and keep the drinks flowing, and your guests are guaranteed to have the time of their life.

Must-Have Items for Your Brunch

  1. Eucalyptus Greenery Place Cards: Download these beautifully designed place cards from Etsy shop ViolaMirabilisDesign for just $4. After you purchase, you can edit the names on your computer, then print on thick card stock. Cut and fold cards, then arrange them on the table.
  2. Gold Champagne Flutes: If your brunch is outside or you don’t want to buy all-new glassware for your guests, these gold Champagne Flutes from Target are the perfect solution. For just 4$ for four, the gold sparkly plastic flutes give off an elegant vibe without breaking the budget.
  3. Champagne Balloons Party Decorations: Create a fun photo spot with these Champagne Balloons, just $15 from Amazon. This fun kit includes two champagne bottle foil balloons, 100 balloons in gold, clear, and white, and all the tools you need to assemble the arch.
  4. Stacking Drink Dispenser: Serve two different fruity cocktails or non-alcoholic tea and lemonade in this beautiful Stacking Drink Dispenser, $130 from Crate & Barrel. This minimalist-style dispenser is clear, so you can see the pretty drinks and fruit inside, with separate nozzles for each drink. The entire thing is elevated on an artisan-crafted stand to add a touch of elegance to your table.

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