Brigette N. Koetter with DDS Dental Professionals of Rockwall

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Brigette N. Koetter, DDS Dental Professionals of Rockwall

Brigette N. Koetter, DDS

Dental Professionals of Rockwall


If the stress of the pandemic has you reeling from constant headaches, Brigette N. Koetter, DDS and her experienced team at Dental Professionals of Rockwall can help. They have cared for many patients who have come in with tension headaches and joint deterioration from grinding or clenching their teeth. To help patients reduce pressure on their teeth, Dr. Koetter uses a NightGuard, which is a moldable, custom-fit mouthguard that helps reduce damage from nighttime teeth grinding.

“The NightGuard reduces clenching intensity by 70 percent. It helps protect the muscles and the joints,” Dr. Koetter explains. “The good news is that our patients rebound really well. We can help them function again and reduce pressure on the teeth.”

Dr. Koetter has also been helping her patients sleep better with custom-fit dental appliances that can rectify problems in breathing difficulties by correctly aligning the teeth and jaw. “If patients are feeling groggy and sluggish, even after having plenty of time to rest, it often has to do with obstructive sleep apnea. More than 18 million adults suffer from this,” she says. “I want to help my patients’ overall health, which is why sleep apnea appliances are so important.”

Whether patients are experiencing discomfort or fatigue, or they need routine dental care, Dr. Koetter cares for them in a safe, relaxing environment. Her team has increased safety precautions during these times, including daily temperature checks for all staff members, more frequent disinfection of common areas, prescreening phone questionnaires, and patient temperature checks upon arrival.

Patients are asked to wear face masks and can wait in the safety of their car until their room is ready. “Our team wears N95 masks and we have increased sneeze guard barriers,” says Dr. Koetter. “We want to keep everyone healthy.”

Dr. Koetter is simply happy to be back with her team and patients again. When her dental office was closed due to mandatory shutdowns, she says it was like a piece of her was missing.

“Dentistry is my hobby and my career,” Dr. Koetter says.

“Even though we are wearing all these masks and face shields, I still get to sit down with my patients and listen to them. I get to help them, which is incredibly fulfilling.”

If you have been away from the dentist for some time, take comfort in knowing that Dr. Koetter will work at your pace to make you feel completely comfortable. She ensures that each patient is informed and knows they have total control over their treatment. “We can take a break or complete only half of a procedure because a patient’s anxiety is too high,” she says. “A lot of dental anxiety comes from not knowing what comes next. Anxiety levels decrease substantially when we give the control back to the patient.”

Dr. Koetter and her team offer dentistry for the whole family, caring for patients as young as age one. Make an appointment today for an outstanding patient experience with comfort and safety at the forefront.


1375 Ridge Road
Rockwall, Texas 75087
(972) 771-4100

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