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By Meredith Knight | Photo by Nino G Photography

Hearing loss is not generic. The solution shouldn’t be either. When you opt for over-the-counter hearing aids without consulting a hearing health professional, you receive an appliance that isn’t custom fit to your ear or to the amplification and clarity your unique hearing loss requires. OTC devices tend to amplify all sounds instead of helping focus on certain sounds (like speech) while filtering others out (like background noise). OTC devices are pre-set to a generic hearing loss—not yours. 

When you partner with a hearing health professional, like Cassandra Wilson, Au. D. of Hearing Services of McKinney, she acquires a comprehensive medical history and conducts extensive diagnostics, to assure your hearing aids fit your anatomy and your lifestyle, then follows up with verification and adjustments are made so your prescription meets your needs.  

“You don’t work hard all your life just to struggle with communication in your retirement,” Dr. Wilson said. “When left untreated, the side effects of hearing loss are physical, mental, and social. People make many choices to ensure their happiness, yet they often leave hearing loss untreated, for years, chipping away at their quality of life and relationships.” 

Hearing Services of McKinney offers the latest, high-tech solutions to address your unique hearing loss and get you back to living your best life—professionally and personally. “We have a highly trained staff and the latest in hearing technologies to help you return to enjoying life to the fullest—at any age,” Dr. Wilson said.  


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