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At Bodine Orthodontics, Dr. Trevor Bodine and the “Dream Team” understand that your investment in your smile is an important and personal one. Whether you choose to achieve your new smile through Invisalign aligners or traditional or clear braces, Dr. Bodine and his team are highly knowledgeable and equipped to help you come away with the healthiest and most beautiful smile possible all while offering an experience second-to-none.

The decision to straighten your teeth—at any age—is about more than just aesthetics, although it’s a key motivating factor for many people seeking Dr. Bodine’s expertise. Many people greatly benefit from orthodontic treatment by improved ease of cleaning of their teeth once the proper alignment is achieved. A healthy, balanced bite can protect patients from chronic, undue wear and tear on not only their teeth but their TMJ as well, preventing many costly issues from developing over time. Another critical byproduct of orthodontic treatment is the boost of self-confidence that many patients feel and a carefree smile they can be proud to show off.

“We have people from age seven to age 70 who tell us all the time that they are so embarrassed to smile because of the alignment of their teeth.” says Dr. Bodine. “These are some of the most rewarding smiles to make because we can impact their lives in such a great way, and we get to see these patients truly carry themselves more confidently after treatment. It’s really cool to see the transformation.”

At Bodine Orthodontics, the heartbeat and focus are always centered on you. From the first phone call or online interaction to the initial consultation and all the way through your treatment, Dr. “B” and the team are focused on delivering exceptional customer service, a warm and engaging atmosphere, and personalized, thoughtful care in your orthodontic treatment plan. They know that these tenants are the key when it comes to patient satisfaction and beautiful smile designs. “Our goal is to make you and your family smile whether that’s in an interaction with our office or literally through our craft.”

Orthodontics for Children, Teens, and Adults

Bodine Orthodontics isn’t merely bright, warm colored walls, fun loud music, and games in the reception area for kids, although they’ve got that down, too. It is a place where teenagers and adults alike can feel comfortable and enjoy their orthodontic experience as well. Braces options have come a long way from the large metal braces of old. While a lot of patients still opt for the traditional metal brackets, many teens and adults are finding the barriers to an amazing smile are removed through opting for clear braces and white wires that are barely noticeable or choosing clear aligners such as Invisalign and Invisalign Teen.

“Our #1 goal at your initial consultation is coming up with a plan and choosing an appliance system that you feel comfortable with and that will deliver the best, most efficient result all while keeping with your style and lifestyle,” states Dr. Bodine.

Top Invisalign and Invisalign Teen Provider

Clear, invisible aligner orthodontic treatment for adults and even teens is growing in popularity for many reasons. An obvious reason is that the clear trays used in Invisalign treatment are barely noticeable, opening up orthodontic treatment to many who have careers or hobbies where braces and wires attached to their teeth just simply won’t work for. They are also more comfortable, easier for hygienic reasons, and do not require nearly as much in-office time commitment as do braces.

“We have many adults whose jobs require face-to-face sales or meeting presentations who want the benefits of proper dental alignment and a great smile but feel that braces would hinder their ability to perform at the highest level, or their travel schedules are so rigorous or unpredictable that making braces adjustment appointments every eight to 10 weeks just isn’t feasible,” Dr. Bodine explains. He says that many of their patients choose Invisalign treatment because of their busy day-to-day lives, whether it’s parents who have several kids to get to and from school, sports practices, and games, to teens who are involved in many extracurricular activities and want to limit their time out of school for appointments.

Dr. Bodine is quick to caution that not all Invisalign or clear aligner options are created equal. While Invisalign, Smile Direct Club, and Clear Correct are companies that produce plastic trays and have excellent marketing campaigns, the outcome of your treatment is still in the hands and skillset of the doctor behind the diagnosis and treatment who is planning your smile.

Committed to the Community

One of the pillars of Dr. Bodine and Bodine Orthodontics’ life is a commitment to giving back and being involved in our local community. They are thankful the practice provides a platform for supporting numerous community initiatives. Bodine Orthodontics has built a reputation on giving back and is partnered with the Prosper Ladies Association, Cornerstone NCT, the Celina C.A.R.E Organization, and Kids Prosper Kids. This is in addition to the enormous support they provide to the local school districts through PTO partnerships, athletic club support, and career day support.

“My wife and I really feel lucky to be able to invest in the community that we live in, and can engage with our patients as well as people who will never be our patients in positive ways outside of the office environment,” Dr. B says. “One of the coolest parts of my job is the relationships we get to build with people and seeing them grow beyond just a doctor-patient or donor-organization level.”

The team at Bodine Orthodontics is looking forward to meeting you and your family and learning more about how they can work together with you to achieve whatever your goals are for straighter teeth, a healthier bite, and an even more amazing smile. Contact the team at Bodine Orthodontics today for your complimentary consultation. #SMILEON


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By Susan Ishmael

Photography by AimeeLouise Photography