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By Melissa Gautier

Motivating Coaches and Exciting Environment Build Kids’ Confidence

What started as a backyard program 48 years ago has successfully developed into a community staple and multi-program facility loved by kids and parents alike. Birons Youth Sports Center is a distinctive complex of activity and adventure where creativity is inspired and core values are celebrated. The impressive 60,000 square-foot facility allows children to explore and discover their talents in a safe, encouraging environment. The center’s experienced instructors and coaches provide guidance and reassurance, paving a solid foundation for kids’ self-esteem and confidence to flourish.

Humble Beginnings

Patrick Biron, president of Birons, has witnessed the organization’s progression through the years. His dad always loved working with kids and decided nearly a half century ago to offer a gymnastics class. Starting with just a balance beam in his own backyard, his program rose in popularity, eventually requiring a warehouse to accommodate more kids in the community. Biron’s thrived for 40 years before expanding and relocating two more times, with its final and current destination on the Katy Freeway.

Taking the reins of Birons six years ago, Patrick has managed to exponentially grow the center’s size from a 10,000 square-foot facility to an impressive 60,000 square feet of space ripe with physically-active and sports-oriented programs. The expansion allowed Birons to serve even more kids in the community, adding top-notch equipment and invigorating programs to its list of diverse activities. The new, nationally-recognized facility gives kids ample room for play and focused energy in their choice of activities.

Talented Coaching Staff Wins Parents’ Approval

Making a difference in kids’ lives comes naturally for the Birons team. They strive to help each child discover their unique strengths and abilities while building confidence, self-esteem, and friendships along the way.

“My entire staff works here because they love children,” Patrick says. “They understand as coaches and mentors that they are the motivating influence for making each child’s class, activity, or program session a positive, memorable experience.” They ensure kids enter and leave the facility with big smiles, eager to return next time for more exciting fun.

Parents can’t say enough about the meaningful impact the coaches have on their children. “Birons is a team of professionals that we, as parents, have enjoyed interacting with and our kids have loved playing with,” Niki C. says. “We’ve done the summer program and hope to do so every year in the future!”

Every Child is a Unique Winner

“A Birons coach is not your typical coach,” explains Patrick. “Our coaches facilitate encouraging interaction that inspires kids to have fun while polishing their skills and character. First and foremost, every person I hire must love children.”

Most of Birons’ 29 coaches are certified in their respective disciplines of gymnastics, aerial arts, ninjas, and cheer, but Patrick is quick to point out that certification is not the first aspect he looks for when considering a coach. “I would rather hire someone that is a good role model than someone who only cares about winning. Our coaches do what they do because they love kids. Each day we endeavor to make a permanent, positive impact in their lives. Our goal is not to just win a stack of gold medals. It’s the things we do along the road to achievement that is much more vital.”

For Patrick, the journey is just as important, if not more, than winning itself. “We build a team of exceptional role models and then empower them to connect and make a difference in the lives of kids. We just so happen to make that difference through the opportunity and experience of sports.” 

The popularity of Birons’ programs is a direct result of the remarkable effort the staff continues to bring to the table each day. Classes for every level of experience, including opportunities for competitive cheer, gymnastics, and ninja are available. Parents can check the Birons website for a complete list of programs and scheduled class times. Class placement will depend on the child’s particular interests and level of skill. Cheer, Tumbling, Ninja Zone, and Dragonfly Aerial are all part of the lineup, as well as after-school activities, academic tutoring, and summer camps.

Significant Health and Safety Measures

The health, safety, and security of the kids, parents, and staff is top priority at Birons, especially since the rise of COVID-19.  Significant measures have been implemented to mitigate viral spread from asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers. In April, Birons created one of the first and most comprehensive health handbooks, which is now used across the nation at other youth and sports centers.

“My entire staff is currently operating under very strict procedures. Because we love these kids and truly believe in our programs, we routinely go the extra mile to make things happen for them,” Patrick explains. “It’s been a team effort from all of us, sacrificing time and even foregoing vacations to create and maintain opportunities for these kids and parents who have supported us through the years. We provide a safe haven for them in today’s world of uncertainty.”

Patrick emphasizes now more than ever how important it is for kids to be physically active and socially engaged. The stay-at-home orders have had a noticeably negative impact on kids and teens. “Kids need a place like Birons to be socially connected and physically engaged while still being socially distant.” Birons now separates all programs into cohorts that are isolated from each other. Each cohort has their own equipment to minimize hands-on exposure. A sanitizing mist is applied to each area after every class and an updated, hospital-grade HVAC system cycles fresh air throughout at regular intervals.

Birons Youth Sports Center makes it possible for kids to be kids. If parents and children want to experience what it’s all about, a risk-free trial class is offered.

Choose from an array of exciting activities, including:

  • Gymnastics
  • Aerial Silks
  • Cheer
  • Ninja Zone
  • Tumbling
  • After School Programs
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Birthday Parties
  • Camps

Gymnastics Center


10225 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77024
(833) 424-7667

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