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Top Medspa DFW Beverly Hills Rejuvenation

Heather Tindell, Partner and Director, James Kadi, MD


With an approach to anti-aging and wellness designed to heal, rebalance, and rejuvenate the whole person, Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center-Dallas redefines what a medical spa should be. One visit is all it will take to make you a believer. And they bring the same innovative services used by Hollywood celebrities such as Dean Cain, Ali Landry, Joanna Kruppa, and Dallas native Morgan Fairchild right here to North Texas. You don’t have to travel all the way to Beverly Hills to get game-changing results.

“We’re proud of our flawless patient record of care with the Texas Medical Board. Our DFW-based medical director, Dr. James Kadi, has been an amazing advocate for BHRC-Dallas. And our team of experienced nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and licensed medical aestheticians deliver impeccable care.”
– BHRC-Dallas Partner and Director Heather Tindell

Direct from Beverly Hills

Heather Tindell moved from California to DFW to open the center’s first Texas location in 2013. When she created BHRC-Dallas, she brought her impressive depth of knowledge and expertise as well as the services, some of which she helped co-develop, from the center in Beverly Hills. She also developed a close working relationship with Dr. James Kadi, a local board-certified plastic surgeon, and welcomed him as the BHRC-Dallas medical director.

“Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center-Dallas is not a franchise. We’re a direct extension of the flagship center in Beverly Hills,” Heather explains.

Since then, Heather has expanded her centers to include six locations—Flower Mound (her first), Southlake, Frisco, Highland Park, Fort Worth, and the newest in Alliance, to meet the high demand for the BHRC-Dallas services.

Top Medspa DFW Beverly Hills Rejuvenation


Rejuvenation That’s More Than Skin Deep

Certified by the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M), BHRC-Dallas offers an impressive menu of nonsurgical services that require minimal to no down time.

“Treatment plans are customized to meet each client’s specific needs and goals,” says Heather. “Services include laser technology and treatments exclusive to Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center-Dallas that you can’t find elsewhere.”

In addition to peptide therapy, body contouring, laser skin resurfacing, IV therapy, and injectables, Heather continually expands her services with sought after therapies such as AquaGold 24-carat microneedling favored by Hollywood’s elite.

“With AquaGold we deliver a microinfusion of nutrients, hyaluronic acid, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) deep into the skin’s layers. The result is firmer, tighter skin, smaller pores, brighter tone, and reduced fine lines and wrinkles,” says Heather. “Best results can be seen in just one to two weeks.”

Plant-Based Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Did you know most men and women have hormone levels that can be considered deficient around age 35? As hormone levels diminish, you can suffer from weight gain, loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles, muscle loss, moodiness, low libido, mental fogginess, sleep disturbances, low energy, and more.

BHRC-Dallas wants you to know that you don’t have to settle! Their award-winning hormone replacement therapy helps restore hormones to optimal levels with natural, plant-based bioidentical hormones.

“Our goal is to relieve symptoms and restore the quality of life you once enjoyed,” Heather says. “Our approach to achieving hormonal balance is through proper testing and treatment, using the lowest necessary treatment doses at the proper frequency to relieve symptoms while avoiding side effects.”

Feminine Rejuvenation

Childbirth and aging take a toll on women in so many ways, including loss of vaginal sensitivity and tissue laxity which can wreak havoc on your sexual wellness, intimacy, and pleasure. Then there are those annoying urine leaks when you laugh, sneeze, exercise, or cough. BHRC-Dallas offers noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation to help you get your sexy back and help stop those embarrassing dribbles.

“ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation treatment uses radio frequency energy at a controlled temperature,” Heather explains. “This promotes collagen production resulting in tighter skin and tissues in the treated area and improved blood flow which can increase sensitivity and vaginal moisture.”

Noninvasive, Drug-free Treatment for Male ED

It’s estimated that over 30 million men in the United States have erectile dysfunction (ED). In addition to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to boost sexual wellness and libido, BHRC-Dallas offers Zwave high-energy radial shock wave therapy for ED. While this may sound, well, shocking, this high-precision, pain-free treatment can increase blood circulation, strengthen skin connective tissue, and encourage cell growth to address ED.

Stem Cell Therapy/Regenerative Medicine

“Stem cells have the ability to repair and rejuvenate tissues throughout the body, which speeds up the healing process,” says BHRC-Dallas Medical Director Dr. James Kadi. “Depending on the area being treated, the procedure can be completed in a single visit. Results can be immediate, or improvement may be seen over a period of two to three months.”

Heather adds, “Our exclusive stem cell line is the only type of stem cell therapy cleared by the FDA, and we’re currently the only ones with this inventory which is limited in quantity.”

What do BHRC’s clients have to say after receiving stem cell therapy? Bobby confides, “I feel like I could run a marathon right after my therapy. My lower back pain improved 50 percent in one to two weeks!” April says, “I would recommend BHRC’s stem cell therapy to anyone in a heartbeat.” She accredits her accelerated healing process to it after undergoing surgery to repair her ACL, MCL, and meniscus.

Start rejuvenating today at award-winning Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center–Dallas. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation. Not only do they offer great results, you will enjoy the friendly, Texas-style hospitality Heather and her team provide.


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