Beneath Your Feet

Trending Flooring Options Are Warmer, Wider, and More Wonderful Than Ever

By Cheryl Alexander

What are the current most sought-after flooring options available? New flooring trends reflect the continued dominance of luxury vinyl, porcelain, and laminate wood-look flooring, with stone imitations popping up, too. Flooring colors are warming up as cool grays make their way into browner tones, while natural and imitation wood and stone floors are more rustic. More waterproof products, larger tiles, and wider and longer planks are also trending. Here is a hot list of what materials are best beneath your feet.

Getting Warmer

One of the most significant shifts is the move to warmer tones of gray that combines the Japanese interior style of warmth and natural elements with the clean, minimalist Scandinavian influence. The warmer tones, too, are following the pandemic when people began desiring cozier, more nostalgic spaces. Grayish brown floors can add comfort and visual warmth, inviting you to slow down.

Airy coastal colors are trending alongside grays, and porcelain tile is still a solid alternative for faux wood flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Leads

Vinyl planks and tiles are abundant, overshadowing other types of flooring these days. With improved technology, more realistic imitations of wood and stone are available more than ever before. More rigid core floors (higher-quality, more stable luxury vinyl flooring) and thicker wear layers on the surface make these products more durable.

Real Wood Rules

Natural hardwood is king for those who want it and can afford it. These options, too, are shifting from cool grays toward warmer tones, richer browns, and hand-scraped rustic surfaces. Lighter shades are trending that lean into a light, coastal feeling.

Engineered Wood is Good

Another popular option is engineered wood, which consists of natural wood on the surface with a composite of wood fibers, particles, strands, and veneers forming the rest of the plank. It is typically less expensive than solid hardwood.

Set in Stone

Natural stone will remain a durable and elegant floor choice, and for some, nothing can compete with real marble, travertine, limestone, or slate. However, plenty of stone looks are trending. Stone-like porcelain and luxury vinyl are everywhere, from living rooms to laundry rooms. The latest styles are showing up in numerous beige tones, making a comeback after years when just about everything was white and gray. 

More Floor

Need additional ideas beneath your feet? Here are a few more options to consider.

Oversized Planks: Extra-long and extra-wide planks are trending because they create fewer seams, resulting in a cleaner and more cohesive look.

Nature-inspired Motifs: Floors featuring florals and organic shapes can soften and ground a room, whereas coastal-inspired colors, such as greens and blues, can freshen the atmosphere.

Oiled Floors: While the flooring industry has previously focused on creating indestructible offerings coated in multiple protective layers that make the finished product appear artificial, oiled floors are the antithesis of that aesthetic. They look and feel natural and age beautifully.

White Oak: Though beautiful in its natural state, white oak also takes color beautifully. It is the perfect canvas for applying all sorts of colors and glosses.

Patterns: Often used to increase visual interest in hallways and foyers, recently, patterns are being used in more formal spaces, such as living rooms and dining areas.

Carpet Tiles: Carpet tiles — individual tiles of carpet that can be easily slotted together — add flair without requiring a commitment to wall-to-wall carpet. And maintenance is easier because the tiles can be removed and replaced.

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