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Are you struggling to lose weight despite doing all the right things? Are your skinny jeans on a vacation? If you’re so fatigued and stressed from sleepless nights due to hot flashes and night sweats that the Starbucks barista knows you by name, there is hope!

As most people know, hormones support many vital functions within the body, including the ability to maintain muscle, lose body fat, get a good night’s sleep, and manage stress and hunger. Therefore, when a hormonal imbalance occurs, it becomes considerably harder to lose weight and feel your best.

BeBalanced Amplifies Your Body’s Natural Ability to Do What It Needs to Do

According to Noel Koenke, Certified Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist at BeBalanced in Frisco, learning the role hormones play in weight loss will increase your chances of success.

“A variety of factors can contribute to hormonal imbalance at any age. Even if you are doing all of the ‘right’ things – working out, eating healthy, or trying different diet plans – imbalanced hormones can impair your body’s ability to release weight. It’s the missing key for so many women struggling with weight loss,” she shares.

The hormones that can cause issues for women trying to lose weight include estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, and insulin. “The balance between these can have an impact on fat loss and your overall health. Lowered progesterone and estrogen dominance can contribute to severe PMS and menopausal symptoms, weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, fluid retention, and fatigue, to name a few.”

BeBalanced Plano’s Regional Manager and Certified Health Coach, Sonja Kabell, agrees. “This program is about so much more than weight loss. It’s about bringing your body’s natural hormone levels into balance and getting back to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Most importantly though, it’s about self-care. Women, especially, need to take care of themselves first because when we do, we gain the confidence to say ‘yes’ to things that align with our goals and the motivation to work towards them.”

What Makes the BeBalanced Program Different?

The Becoming Balanced Program is a 14-week approach to weight loss that will not only help you shed 15 to 22 pounds quickly and naturally, but it will also give you the tools and knowledge to maintain this new healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. BeBalanced’s non-medical, holistic approach to weight-loss includes proprietary, all-natural hormone balancing supplements, a whole-foods hormone balancing diet and soundwave-relaxation therapy to not only rebalance the sex hormones, but also to lower cortisol and stabilize blood sugar and insulin. In addition, clients receive hands-on compassionate coaching from a Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist to ensure their success on the program.

Noel and Sonja know what their clients are going through firsthand because they’ve both done the program themselves. “I lost 30 pounds with BeBalanced! Seeing the scale move and feeling more mental clarity and less anxiety is very motivating and empowering,” said Sonja. “I tried the program because my scale refused to budge for over a year and my PMS symptoms were severely impacting my life,” adds Noel. “I lost 19 pounds and it really was the gentlest way I have ever lost weight, and I’ve tried a lot of ways! I finally trust my body again.”

“BeBalanced believes that losing the weight is only half the battle,” Sonja shares. “Keeping it off and keeping your hormones in balance moving forward is just as important. We provide the tools and resources, educating our clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we are with them through every step of the journey.”

Get Your Sparkle Back

While women between the ages of 35 and 65 make up the average participant, anyone seeking to look and feel better is invited to take the online hormone assessment through the BeBalanced website. Noel and Sonja, and their specialists at BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers, get to know you through a complimentary consultation and will work with you either in-person or virtually to help naturally repair the damage that has been done to your body.

Isn’t it time to get your sparkle back so you can emerge into your next phase of life as the best version of yourself? BeBalanced is here with the solution, waiting to encourage and support you!


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