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Baylor Scott & White Family Medical Center -  North Garland

Ryan Menchaca, MD

By Samantha Gluck


Family medicine physicians provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages throughout every stage of life. The best, most trusted family physicians not only treat health concerns and disease, they take care of people. Family medicine requires that practitioners have a deep understanding of a wide variety of health conditions, rather than focusing only on one type of disease or one aspect of a person’s health.

The great breadth of knowledge and practice required in family medicine convinced Dr. Ryan Menchaca to choose it as his specialty. “I truly enjoyed my training in a variety of specializations — OB/GYN, internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, and all the others. But I came to realize that if I chose to pursue one of these, I would miss out on all of the others.”

Ryan Menchaca, MD is the newest family medicine physician to join the team at Baylor Scott & White Family Medical Center – North Garland in Garland, Texas. He will provide patients with full spectrum family medical care with special interest in chronic disease management, specifically diabetes, women’s health, mental health, dermatology, and sports medicine. “Family medicine provides the perfect setting for a physician to play a true role in his patients’ lives and act as their healthcare advocate,” Dr. Menchaca says.

One way he advocates for patients, he says, is to act as a sort of translator for them. “‘Diabetes can be a scary word, but by taking time with the patient to explain what the term really means and how we’ll work together to treat it, the diagnosis suddenly isn’t as scary. The patient comes to understand that it’s just a word we use and that empowers them,” he explains, going on to say, “I don’t just diagnose and treat diseases, I take care of people.”

Seeing patients of all ages is another aspect of family medicine that attracted Dr. Menchaca, saying that during his residency program (completed this past June), he saw a five-day-old and a 109-year-old in the course of a half day. During residency, he covered each and every issue possible with patients, leaving him physically and mentally exhausted at the end of the day, but it made his commitment to family medicine even stronger and helped him develop his philosophy of practice.

Every physician has his or her own philosophy about how to approach patient care. Dr. Menchaca’s approach is, “Good medicine takes time.” This means taking time to get to know the patient and not simply diagnosing and treating the disease exactly the same as everyone else’s. By asking questions and keeping focused on the patient, he says it’s possible to identify a main contributing factor to an individual’s health issue. This allows for a more customized treatment, which every patient needs and deserves. “I take each individual’s lifestyle into account when developing a treatment plan,” says Dr. Menchaca. Family doctors are experts at managing a number of complaints, reducing the likelihood a patient will need to see a specialist.

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” ~Hippocrates, Father of Medicine


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