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Helping Local Business Grow With Smart, Customized, Integrated Solutions


Staying ahead of the competition and reaching the most consumers possible to sustain and grow your business is imperative in North Texas’ fast-paced, rapidly expanding marketplace. More local companies are turning to the team of experts at Ballyhoo Media & Marketing to create and launch targeted, integrated media and marketing campaigns then manage and measure them, delivering value, results, and a solid return on their marketing investment. Platinum Collision Center is one of these businesses.

The Smart Choice

Business was booming, and Platinum Collision Center was adding more locations to meet customer demand. Simultaneously, their marketing requirements were growing and becoming increasingly complex. Knowing they would soon outpace internal resources, Platinum Collision Center decided to search for a marketing firm that could meet their current needs and grow with them over time. They wisely chose Ballyhoo Media & Marketing a year and a half ago and have been thrilled with their decision since day one.

“We were looking for an integrated solution and wanted to find a company that could handle everything from billboards to digital marketing, print advertising, search engine optimization, and social media. We also needed a new website,” says William Wilbanks, owner, Platinum Collision Center. “We recognized that as a one-stop-shop with an experienced team, Ballyhoo could handle all of this and more while giving us a single point of contact.”

“Choosing Ballyhoo was a great decision. They handle all our marketing and media needs easily, and we’re impressed with their expertise, creativity, and responsiveness. We 100% recommend Ballyhoo Media & Marketing,” Mr. Wilbanks says.

Local, Accessible, Creative, Experienced, Strategic

Ballyhoo Media and Marketing CEO Samantha Berens founded the firm five years ago to help businesses in the Greater Rockwall community “make smarter, results-oriented, data-driven marketing decisions” and reap the benefits.

“Everyone on our Ballyhoo team brings big agency experience with them, so we have the depth and expertise to help companies large and small. Another advantage for our clients is that we’re local and accessible. We live in the Greater Rockwall community, we eat at the same restaurants, and our kids go to the same schools as our clients. We take pride in creating and managing media and marketing campaigns for businesses in Rockwall and surrounding communities that help them spend the right money in the right places.”

Measuring Results and Success

Not that long ago, we didn’t have the digital marking technology (martech) that’s available today. The Ballyhoo team stays current on the latest technological innovations in digital marketing and leverages a variety of martech tools to test, deliver, track, and measure your marketing and media campaign performance. Analyzing this information enables them to make savvy, data-driven decisions designed to improve campaign performance and even help personalize your customers’ experience.

“Our objective is to help our clients achieve their marketing and media goals. One way we accomplish this is through measurement. We capture the data and analyze it to help clients maximize every dollar they spend on marketing and advertising,” says Samantha.

Whether you have a marketing challenge that needs an expert point of view, you need a marketing firm to take a multifaceted approach across different media channels, or you want to outsource versus build a larger, internal marketing team, contact Ballyhoo Media & Marketing today.

Services Include

  • Digital media
  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Google Ads
  • Amazon
  • Programmatic display
  • Owned media
  • Email marketing
  • Website development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Organic social media management
  • Traditional media
  • Billboard
  • Magazine and newspaper
  • Radio
  • TV…and more!

We offer turn-key, integrated solutions for our clients. If you can envision it, we can do it. And for the elements we don’t currently perform in-house, such as ad creative and video production, we partner with talented resources that work closely with us. This gives our clients the freedom to do what they do best and run their business, knowing they can rely on us to handle all of their media and marketing needs, including print materials.”


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