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At some point in life, everyone feels fatigue, stress, lower libido, and natural changes that make them “not feel like themselves.” Many women will also experience hot flashes and mood swings with menopause. After tests, most doctors may brush these symptoms off as normal or recommend traditional synthetic hormone replacement therapy, which causes serious negative effects on the body. But not Dr. Julia Ward.

As a primary care physician for more than twenty years, Dr. Ward proactively asked her gynecologist whether bioidentical hormone replacement would address her own issues. She says, “I was very fatigued and run down. I got the feeling that the GYN really didn’t know. Bioidentical hormone education isn’t generally taught in med school or residency.” So, Dr. Ward took initiative and completed a fellowship with the Metabolic Medicine Institute in functional medicine to learn more.

Because of her fellowship, she decided to focus on functional medicine and start her own practice at Balanced Body Image, where she offers treatment using bioidentical hormones.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

Synthetic-based hormones are derived from pregnant horse urine. Their chemical structure is vastly different from what our bodies produce and can be harmful—especially when taken orally. They can cause adverse side effects like stroke, heart disease, and breast cancer. However, bioidentical hormones are plant based and are chemically identical to what our bodies produce or should produce to feel our best. Because hormone levels vary drastically from person to person, Dr. Ward customizes treatment and BHRT for each patient.

At Balanced Body Image, Dr. Ward looks at every patient as a whole, testing blood or saliva hormone levels, thyroid levels, adrenal function, and genetic testing to diagnose the problem. In BHRT, patients can use topical creams, or Dr. Ward can insert a rice-sized pellet just under the skin, where it releases hormones steadily over three to five months. This pellet method gives patients freedom from having to remember using a cream every day. After five weeks, Dr. Ward tests the blood to ensure levels are within normal range.

What Are the Benefits of BHRT with Dr. Ward?

When many patients come to Dr. Ward, she says, “They’ve been told everything is normal, but they don’t feel well.” Whether patients experience perimenopause or menopause (in women), andropause (in men), what many refer to as “adrenal fatigue,” chronic autoimmune diseases, or other problems, Dr. Ward’s BHRT treatments may help.

In her own case, Dr. Ward says, “By treating this condition and utilizing hormone replacement, I feel 100% better. Everything in the body is connected, and that is why here at Balanced Body Image we take a holistic approach, using herbal and natural remedies where we can.” Providing patients with personal attention and hormone replacement expertise, Dr. Ward adds, “I love helping people feel better, feeling back the way they used to feel.”

Other Services Dr. Ward Offers

  • Genetic testing to guide supplement use
  • IV Nutritional Therapy
  • Micro-needling
  • Chemical peel
  • Botox and other fillers
  • Obagi skin products
  • Lipo-Light body sculpting


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By Lacey Kupfer Wulf

Photography by Kelley Sweet Photography