Avante Salon & Spa

Struggles and Personal Stories from the Top
Photo by Lauren Medean

While interviewing the owners and managers of Avante Salon & Day Spa, we asked them to write a testimony of their personal experiences. We’d love to share with you what they had to say.

Owner Jacqueline Hughes

“Opening Avante in 2004, a lifelong dream had come true. Even with 15 years of advanced education and experience, it was still one of the toughest mountains we had ever climbed. When we received the call on March 21st, 2020, that we would have to shut down, a huge stream of emotions flooded. I just sat down, cried, and prayed. We were responsible for the livelihood of so many amazing employees. Many of them single moms and head of households. Taking deep breaths and thinking WWJD, we rolled up our sleeves, reached out to every single person and helped each one work through whatever personal struggle they were facing.”

“We knew to get through we had to just stay strong. We went into action ordering thermometers, masks, disinfectants, plexiglass and hired extra cleaning personal. Placing stations six feet or more apart and utilizing private rooms and areas was a must. These over-the-top precautions have kept all of our team and our guests safe. Today, we’re still scared of the future, yet we stay positive and focused on the blessings we have. We have the absolute most talented group that we have ever had. Now we have specialists in every area—from Icey Blonding to intricate haircuts and everything in between. It’s really awesome to have all this talent in one building. Our spa is also the best we have ever had. Last January the spa hit its all-time record. It’s been a struggle getting back to that after the shutdown and we all have a tough mountain to climb. We are ready, we have the Lord and our best boots on.”

Manager Falan Walker

“At the age of 19, applying for a receptionist position, I never dreamed of the career that was in store for me. I trained side by side with Jacqueline and Danny on how to run a business. I was shown how honesty, integrity, and passion leads to success. I love running the company and mostly I love all my staff. I have always been a hard worker and every day I look forward to whatever the day brings. Our guests are so loyal to us and that brings me so much pride. I know I must be doing something right. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities that have been given me and the many things they’ve done for me.”

Assistant Manager Nicole Glenn

“I started at Avante when I was in cosmetology school. I was given amazing opportunities to grow in marketing, escalating our social media and now being an assistant manager all with the support of Jacqueline and Danny. I honestly don’t know what I would have done had I not found Avante seven years ago. The girls here are my family. They have supported me through so many different phases of my life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

LVL 6 Top Stylist/Owner Jamie Bunton

“I’ve been in my career at Avante for 15 years and have been blessed to have this family. The guests have loved and blessed me with their trust and their loyalty. My team helps me, builds me up and catches me when I fall. The precious company coaches me and will never let me fail. They truly believe in me to be bigger than I ever dreamed. When I came to Avante, I needed more out of my career than just cutting hair and I found more than I ever could have imagined. The life I have, would not be without this team of people. I drive to work every day and take a breath of blessedness. It humbles me to the core to be a part of something so big in this community.”

LVL 6 Top Stylist/Owner Emilie Woodward

“Coming into this amazing industry at 18 years old, I had no idea all the opportunities I’d be blessed with simply by choosing Avante as my salon home/family. I’ve been able to grow my guest base very quickly by making them each feel beautiful. I’ve been so blessed to expand my leadership skills and grow other young stylists into this industry through educating and coaching. I became a partner of the salon company at the age of 26. I’ve had my own coaching thru my entire career with our passionate owners Jacqueline and Danny. They helped me goal set, achieve personal development, and held me accountable to my goals. I have had the opportunity to travel, have babies, go out of state for education, have insurance and paid vacations all in the support of the salon company. I have my dream career, balance, support, and most importantly, I have the best salon family. Avante has provided me with a life I never dreamed possible.”


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