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The human body is a miraculous machine. From the top of our heads to the tip of our toes, each of us is a symphony of flesh and bone, skin and organs, muscle and sinew and more. And keeping everything flowing are our all-important veins. Dr. Thomas Eidson has made it his life’s work to keep those veins working with optimum health and function. But if you’re one of the 85 million Americans who suffers from painful, unsightly varicose veins, you know the condition can leave you with embarrassing varicose and spider veins, hair loss, itching, restlessness, leg cramps, skin discolorations, open leg sores/wounds and a good deal of pain and discomfort.

Surprising Symptoms

Varicose veins might not look the way you think. “Only 20% of our patients actually see their varicose veins,” Dr. Eidson explained. “In fact, some of our patients don’t have any visible symptoms. But many have skin discoloration, pain, or swelling. In fact, swelling is the most common symptom. Others experience restless leg, swelling, leg heaviness, aching, or night cramps.”

Vein Care

Dr. Eidson will begin your treatment with a painless, in-office evaluation and diagnostic study then provide minimally-invasive treatment for your vein issues. “It’s my goal that not one of our patients would hesitate to recommend us to their friends and family,” he said. “No concern is too big or too small. If it’s concerning to our patient, it’s concerning to us. Our staff undergoes continuing leadership and personal development training to enable them to grow and excel, not only within our medical practice, but in life.”

Meet Dr. Eidson

Born and raised in Arlington, Dr. Eidson graduated from Arlington High and received his bachelors from UTA, and his medical degree and specialty training “all over the country”. He is dual board certification in venous and lymphatic medicine and family medicine. 

Dr. Eidson has safely and successfully performed thousands of vein treatments to help improve patient self-confidence and quality of life. When not on the job he is a husband, fisherman, hunter, gym buff, and musician. He volunteers with his church and Special Olympics and mentors local students aspiring to enter the medical field.


2701 Matlock Road, Suite 103

Arlington, Texas 76015

(817) 795-8346


By Meredith Knight