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Dr. Adina Wong has been practicing pharmacy for five years and works as 986 Specialty Pharmacy’s manager, pharmacist in charge, and pharmacy owner. Dr. Wong completed her bachelor’s degree in biology from Baylor University and received her Doctor of Pharmacy and MBA in 2017 from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.


How do I choose the right pharmacy?

It comes down to personal connection. A pharmacy that cares about their patients and is knowledgeable in the medication and medical history of the people they help daily, along with the understanding of what stage of life they’re in makes the best choice. Pharmacists at an independent pharmacy most likely know their patients the best. Like us, here at 986 Pharmacy, we know that our patients not only prefer specific brands of medication for their prescription but also specific manufacturers. We go out of our way to make sure that our patients are given the exact medication they need, when they need it, for their well-being.

How can I save money on medications?

Medications are expensive these days. Our team at 986 Pharmacy works with our patients to lower the cost of medication to the best of our ability. We regularly look at what other pharmacies are charging based on a number of market options to stay competitive. Beyond that, we also proactively look for other ways to save patients money, such as assistance programs for qualified patients from manufacturers and even third-parties to reduce their costs, sometimes as low as free! When a drug looks to be too expensive, we also look for other similar but more affordable drugs.

What sets 986 Pharmacy apart from other name brand pharmacies?

So we can get many generic medications at a better price and pass the savings on to our customers. Beyond dollar savings, I know every single patient and answer their questions as well as provide highly personalized services that big name chains simply cannot match. In fact, that was the reason why I left a big chain pharmacy to run my own independent pharmacy. Instead of having to focus on filling as many prescriptions per hour as possible, I can actually take the time to talk to my patients about their healthcare, and just really their lives in general. It’s amazing how I can customize my services to them based on what else they have going on. Even when the pharmacy is closed, our patients can still access someone on our team 24 hours a day with a text messaging platform through our store phone number. This system allows patients to send in questions, concerns, or pictures at any time where they will be answered with a personal response by me or a pharmacy team member.

What should I do if I forget to take my medication for the day? And what is a good reminder to take daily medications?

Of course forgetting to take medication happens to all of us, myself included. As soon as you remember, take the medication for that day and then continue on with your regular schedule.

For a good reminder, I suggest using your cell phone since they are usually with us during the day. Utilizing the reminder app or setting an alarm is a great start. Another way of remembering is to place your pill bottle or box near a place that is frequently used throughout the day such as a microwave or a sink. The best kinds are those that allow you to put an entire week’s worth of medication, divided by time of the day. This way, if you see that you have pills left in, say, Monday morning, then you’d know that you didn’t take them! We’d be happy to help with getting you set up to start, of course.

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