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Founded in 2015 in League City, Texas, iCRYO is on a mission to elevate the lives of humans around the world through health and wellness. Offering services such as pain management, athletic recovery, beauty and anti-aging treatments, and general wellness, this company franchise is multiplying, with over 300 locations in development.



What is biohacking, and what are its benefits?

“Biohacking” is defined as using both alternative and modern medical techniques to enhance the body’s performance in a broad spectrum with extensive benefits. Modern examples of biohacking are NAD+ infusions, ozone therapy, PBM treatments, and more — all of which have varied effects on the body. For example, NAD+ has been widely studied over the past decade to provide an increase in cognitive function, cellular rejuvenation, increased ATP production, and healthier aging.  

How does cryotherapy help my body? 

Cryotherapy helps your body recover naturally. During a session, you will be exposed to temperatures of -166 and below. Your body goes into fight-or-flight mode, and when you step out, your body will try to heal any inflammation, bruising, or pain. Some also experience increased energy, and their sleep has dramatically improved. The three minutes you are exposed to the cold is a small price to pay for the long-lasting benefits you will receive from freezing.

Does body sculpting help with fat loss? 

Absolutely! In fact, 96 percent of the guests would recommend our EON robotic contouring in clinical trials. There were zero non-responders, pain-free, minimal patient downtime, very low risk of side effects, and an average fat reduction of 21.6 percent after a single treatment (25.3 percent in the lower abdomen). If you’re looking for a holistic approach to fat reduction, check it out.

How does IV infusion work? 

IV infusion, also known as IV therapy, is administering fluids and essential nutrients into the body via blood vessels. The fluid drip involves a small catheter tube and a saline-based electrolyte solution that contains vitamins and nutrients specifically catered to you by delivering these fluids and nutrients digestive system. Your body is instantly able to utilize them for what it needs. IV infusion can help with various health issues, including chronic fatigue, immune system strengthening, hangover, headache relief, cold and flu symptoms, mental clarity, anti-aging, metabolism boost, and optimal athletic performance and recovery. 

What do I need to know about red light therapy? 

With recent advancements in NAD+, ozone therapy, targeted applications for red light therapy (PBM), and many new emerging technologies, the commercial availability of biohacking options is only increasing. What was once considered “alternative” medicine is now at the forefront of modern medical practice. Biohacking is the first step toward opening up the body’s true potential and will continue to grow as more research emerges. 

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