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Randy White was a real estate major at University of Texas at Arlington. He has been a licensed agent in Dallas-Fort Worth since 1978. He started Randy White Real Estate Services in 2009 in Southlake. His firm has earned numerous awards for customer service. Along with his 10 fellow Realtors and staffers, White has built a practice which provides exceptional customer service.



What is the biggest benefit for a homebuyer using an agent like yourself with over 40 years of experience?

The advantage is a long, proven history of hard work, resulting in people I’ve served coming back again and again. It’s the core support we’ve gotten through serving people, and the experience I’ve gained in understanding the market and it’s changes. I’ve been through six recessions, so I’m particularly good in those tough environments. The one thing I had not ever experienced is the market we’ve had the last two years during the pandemic. I’ve never seen a market like this, nor do I think I will again

What is a shadow sale?

A shadow sale refers to a home selling before the Seller wants it to go on the market. Many sellers like that because they’re not exposed to the normal dynamics of selling, like having people come to your home. Others wisely chose to expose their home to the marketplace. What I share with them is it won’t last long. With good marketing a home can sell quickly.

How does a homebuyer benefit from using someone like you who grew up in and intimately knows Tarrant County?

We know the neighborhoods and the product intimately, and know what’s coming up. From that knowledge perspective of understanding the market — almost to a mastery — it’s a huge benefit for us and our clients.

How has the real estate industry changed the most since you started back in 1978?

The real estate industry has really embraced technology. It’s so different from when I started in 1978.  We would have to carry around a giant phone bookish publication that MLS sent us every two weeks that had all the inventory in it. We’d get another book for comparable sales. There were no cell phones. I remember in 1989, how we marveled at the fax machine! We could actually receive a contract over the airwaves!  We’ve also become very connected in DFW by air, rail, and the continued corporate relocations to our area.

What is your agency’s biggest challenge in this current market?

Part of my job is surveying and scanning the marketplace, looking for folks who are ready to move. That’s really the No. 1 service Realtors are providing right now — bringing homes on the market. And we’re good at that! We reach out to our connections to find people who are thinking about moving. We’re putting more hours in lately since finding that property through discovery is a big challenge. But we’re doing that well – It’s kind of fun, like a treasure hunt. 

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