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Dr. James Carlisle works as the owner and head physician at Omega Rehabilitation and Spine. His work includes many years of receiving prestigious awards and publications for his working knowledge in the rehabilitation industry. After working through multiple medical programs, he completed his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. 



What is pain management and what pain conditions are most commonly treated at your practice?

Pain management is the evaluation and treatment of transient or persistent pain caused by either musculoskeletal, nervous system, or connective tissue disorders. At Omega Rehabilitation and Spine, we cover a range of pain conditions, but most commonly lower back, neck, joint, and nerve mediated pain.

What new therapies or treatments are available for patient’s seeking relief from pain and an improved quality of life?

At Omega Rehabilitation and Spine, we offer a range of therapeutic interventions.  From newer, cutting edge treatments like Stem Cell, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Amniotic Fluid injections to renew degenerated or damaged tissue to Spinal Cord Stimulator Treatment for painful, persistent lower extremity nerve pain.  Our practice also uses tried and true mediums like Fluoroscopy (Live x-ray) and U/S guided injections for treatment of spine, joint, soft tissue, and nerve pain generators.

What is rehabilitation and why is it important?

The rehabilitation component is very important to us because it’s part of our comprehensive approach to pain management. Rehabilitation allows us to make sure that our patients recognize that they have an important part to play in their treatment. When patients are actively engaged in getting better they feel more invested and more accomplished. Our physical medicine and rehabilitation training gives us the opportunity to direct patients toward specific physical therapy, aquatic therapy, or occupational therapy centers that are going to align with the patient’s needs. Before we get to that step in the process, it’s important for us to personally evaluate each patient and run the correct diagnostic tests to create the appropriate plan for the patient to take on. 

How does your practice help in physical medicine?

I can’t manage someone’s pain until I know what the cause of pain is. I have to know which muscle or nerve is causing the issue and plan from there. At Omega, we do offer medication management as it is part of physical medicine, but we try our best to partner with therapy centers to work with the patient’s specific needs and get them back on track. 

Why should someone choose Omega Rehabilitation and Spine?

We pride ourselves on putting the patient first. As an independent, physician-owned practice we value each patient encounter, and make sure we build a connection that allows us to treat and care for the patients in an individualized manner. At my office, we open our doors every day to take care of people who come to us with a pain condition that has a direct effect on their quality of life. We always strive to keep the patient in mind. We believe it’s important to make our patients feel valued because people will always remember how you made them feel.

What inspired you to pursue a career in pain management and rehabilitation?

My mom was a big inspiration to why I pursued medicine, seeing her work as a nurse and always taking pride in what she did. I also naturally gravitated toward medicine because I enjoy it. As for pain management, I enjoy witnessing the moments of instant gratification from pain relief when a procedure or intervention takes place for our patients. It’s nice to know you’re making an immediate impact, and I love that part of the job.

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