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Dr. Hildebrand has received Best Orthodontist for 10 years in a row in DFW. He has completed extensive training in Invisalign and airway child development which helps his treatment plans to avoid tooth extractions. The newest technology at an affordable price to improve your smile.



What is the ideal age for braces?

An orthodontic check-up should be done on all children at age seven. Braces usually go on at age 12, once all the permanent teeth are in. But most kids will benefit from an expander made with the new digital scanner to develop space for the permanent teeth. You can schedule a free exam with Dr. Hildebrand by calling (817)468-4141.

How many months is a normal braces treatment?

Most cases with Dr. Hildebrand take up to 15 months to get the teeth aligned and a great smile and bite. By starting early and utilizing the newest small brackets, with flexible wires and no appointments, Dr. H can give patients beautiful smiles in just 15 months. If your orthodontist is still using bands around teeth in the back, get a second opinion with someone that uses mini brackets on the outside of the teeth. The best two treatment options today are mini braces and Invisalign clear aligners. With them we can monitor your teeth movements and give you the perfect smile.

Do braces hurt?

No, the new, mini braces lightly move the teeth into a straighter position which limits the soreness and some patients say they don’t feel a thing. The new flexible wires used by Dr. Hildebrand were designed by NASA to slowly align your teeth into a perfect smile.

Will braces interfere with school activities like sports, playing an instrument, or singing?

No – Advances in the mini braces and wires has limited the effect they have on your child’s sports or band participation. If you’re concerned with having braces on your teeth, ask your orthodontist about Invisalign.

How do I improve my child’s airway?

Dr. Hildebrand will help create room for developing teeth and a better airway for children starting at age 7. By using a free digital x-ray he can diagnose and treatment plan a process that helps establish a better airway for you child and avoid the excessive crowding that leads to problems in your teens. Using the new digital scanner he is able to get the highest quality results in less time.

What are the steps to beginning treatment?

Same Day braces are a great way to get started straightening your teeth. Look for an orthodontist who allows you to start treatment the same day as your consultation, so you or your child can start treatment without missing another day of school or work.

What type of retainers are available?

Find an orthodontist who offers clear retainers as well as glued-in retainers so your teeth can stay straight and beautiful after treatment. Some orthodontists don’t offer both types of retainers, so patients end up having to redo braces years later, after their teeth have begun shifting, which isn’t ideal for anyone. 

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