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Christi Brown holds a Level II Advanced Pilates Certification through Stott Pilates®. Her expertise includes helping people recovering from an injury as well as special populations. She has taught Stott Pilates since 2001 and has been instructing at S2S since 2009. Christi’s vast experience and training allows her to offer each client programs designed to meet their individual goals.



Since I have access to recorded Pilates workouts, why should I attend a live class?

A live class with a certified instructor offers eyes- and hands-on adjustments when technique needs correction, allowing the best execution and better performance with each consecutive class. With positive feedback, professional coaching, and safety cues, a client gets personal attention, whether in a group class or private session. When an instructor knows the client personally and gives real-time feedback, then quick and effective progression is the result.   

Is Pilates better on equipment or on a mat?

People often begin with mat Pilates since it requires no expensive equipment. However, it can be difficult, especially for clients with challenges or limitations. Pilates on equipment — such as the reformer, Cadillac (trap table), chair, or spring tower — offer resistance that can be adjusted according to a client’s needs and goals. S2S instructors have the knowledge, along with access to props and other tools, to help clients find their best posture and alignment.  

I like to try new things. Can I just jump into a Pilates class?

“Can” and “should” are two different things. Those already familiar with Pilates might “jump into a class” and feel fine. I always encourage an orientation first. This allows a certified instructor to assess each client to learn how their body moves, obtain a health and exercise history, and learn the client’s goals. This offers a personalized look at each client. Allowing your instructor to get to know you a bit, even if you are a Pilates rock star, will only make your class experience better.

Is Pilates hard?

The difficulty level of Pilates is based on focus and stability — a very different kind of “hard” than power and weightlifting strength. What I prefer to say is that Pilates will challenge you, whether you are an older person (the median age for Pilates is 60 years) or an accomplished ballerina, it is completely modifiable, a lifelong exercise, and suitable for anyone — no matter their level of ability or experience. 

For 20 years, I have helped people become stronger, more flexible, reduce and eliminate pain, and improve their mental health. Pilates works from the inside out, strengthening core muscles and stabilizing hips and shoulders. Amazingly complex, Pilates is a progressive workout that starts at the basic level and moves through more challenges as you learn it in your body.  

I have limited time in my schedule. Will Pilates give me the total-body workout I need?  

Yes! I suggest starting with a one-on-one visit to understand your goals and assess your current fitness level as well as strengths and weaknesses. Pilates works by toning and sculpting all your skeletal muscles, providing long and lean muscle without building bulk. If time is a determining factor, we offer 30-minute visits. The S2S Pilates Rebound class also includes interval training on a low-impact jump board or cardio tramp, thus providing both strength and cardio benefits.

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