Ashley Bergstrom

The ENT & Allergy Centers of Texas
Photo by Millhouse Foundation

If everyone loved their job as much as Ashley Bergstrom loves serving as the administrator at The ENT & Allergy Centers of Texas, the world would be a better place. From 2008 to 2013, Ashley served in several different capacities in the office. In 2013, she was promoted to administrator. “I had to earn my leadership position. it didn’t come easily, but I will always rise to the challenge,” Ashley said. “Dr. Thrasher has been my mentor along the way, and what I admire most is that he often challenges me to be better. I’ve learned over the years that complacency destroys progress.”

Dr. Thrasher couldn’t be prouder of all Ashley has accomplished. “She’s a remarkable business leader,” he said. “Because she’s capable of working any of the positions in our practice, she’s uniquely qualified to lead, teach, and guide our staff as they navigate the ever-changing demands of modern medicine.”

“Ashley somehow manages to thrive under immense stress and pressure—like we’ve had this past year,” said HR Coordinator Jessica Daniel. “She creates an environment where people aren’t afraid to come to her with questions. She seeks to provide teachable moments for us when one of us makes a mistake so we can learn both personally and professionally. Ashley is all about taking ownership, and she leads by example in this area.”

“I’m grateful to do a job that has a purpose even though I don’t deal with patients directly. One of my goals is for our staff to feel taken care of, and in turn, when they are patient-forward, it shows,” Ashley said.

How does she accomplish this goal? “Everybody has something that drives them,” she said. “No matter how big or how small, each of our employees has something that gives them motivation. I want to know what that is, how it can be applied, and what’s their ‘why?’ When patients come to The ENT & Allergy Centers of Texas, I want them to leave feeling heard and cared for.”

A firm believer in giving back to the community, Ashley organizes food donations to local food pantries, contributions to local schools, and the support of other local nonprofits. Ashley grew up in Plano but currently resides in Melissa, Texas. When not on the job, she’s a mom of three boys, 11, nine, and two years of age, who keep her busy with their sporting events and hobbies. She also enjoys reading and listening to audiobooks.

With locations in Allen, McKinney, Celina, Plano, and coming soon to Frisco, The ENT & Allergy Centers of Texas is the largest practice of its kind in the DFW Metroplex.


(972) 984-1050

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