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By Annette Brooks

Business owners and employees alike have faced unprecedented challenges this last year. Now, as we embrace the “new normal,” it’s essential to make strategic decisions that enable us to thrive and grow. No one understands how to do this better than Artemis Partners’ President and CEO Johanna Chryssikos-Watson. Whether she’s applying these principles to her own company or guiding her clients, the native Houstonian epitomizes the unique blend of wisdom, business savvy, and practical know-how Texans are known for.

“Like so many other companies, we went from full speed ahead to practically nothing overnight last spring. We hit a wall,” Johanna says. “But with the vaccines available, things are beginning to pick up again. There’s noticeable movement in executive search activity. Companies are realizing they need more resources, but not just anyone. They’re looking for the right people — those who not only have experience and skills but who will fit into their value set.”

Making the Best Even Better

Applying her strategic lens to Artemis Partners, Johanna has been busy preparing the company for the market uptick by growing her team and fine-tuning her successful business model.

“We’re in a dynamic, rapidly evolving market, and our clients’ needs are changing. We’ve always been more than a staffing firm, and now more than ever, they seek the benefits of our consultative, collaborative, relationship-building approach. We’re a business partner that helps our clients build their company with the right human resources that positions them for success.”

Johanna is pleased to announce that each client now has two Artemis team members assigned to their account versus one. “We strategize with our clients and provide candid, insightful opinions versus simply filling a job opening and counting heads. Having two of our team members to collaborate with is a significant benefit. Clients get tremendous value from our strategy calls with them. We know our clients, build a relationship with them, and understand their business needs.”

Artemis Partners has also added more contract options, offering new, more flexible structures that support individual company needs.

The Art of the “Fit”

Johanna says the lessons learned, insights gained, and workplace changes over the last year have changed the way her clients approach business, making Artemis Partner’s process and strategic approach even more valuable.

“Companies that survived have become more efficient and have discovered where they truly need people in their organizations, and where they don’t,” she shares. “They’re also more in tune with the types of people who will blend well with their work culture. The message to us has changed from ‘let’s hire as quickly as possible’ to ‘let’s find the right fit.’”

Artemis Partners performs in-depth, expert candidate pre-screening, working smartly to correlate a company’s needs, wants, and plans with ideal candidates, and vice versa. “When all of this comes together, the chance of successful placement and happy clients is high,” says Johanna.

Workplace Paradigm Shift

Another significant change, remote working, has redefined the modern workplace. “The pandemic accelerated a progression toward more remote working arrangements, and it’s changed how companies look at team dynamics,” Johanna explains. “It’s also opened up ways to cut costs by adopting a hybrid model that balances in-office and home office work. The hybrid model may not be the case with all companies or all roles, but we expect to see more of this going forward.

Artemis Partners looks closely at both the company and candidates. They dig deep to understand a company’s real needs and expectations, what’s driving them to fill a position, what the company culture is like, and what positions they view themselves needing in the future. Job seekers are given a behavioral assessment, and their interviews with Artemis Partners are candid and in-depth.

“We’re straightforward about the company’s expectations, work environment, and culture, and look for honesty about what a candidate is truly looking for,” Johanna says.

Johanna explains there are lots of considerations and trade-offs for both candidates and businesses. “As a candidate, you’re limiting your options if you expect to be remote 100% of the time. As a business client, unless the position requires an in-office presence, you’re limiting your options if you’re inflexible about offering the ability to work from home part of the time,” she says. “On the other hand, if a client is moving to a 100% remote workforce, this opens up more candidate options because they don’t need to be located near the office.”

More About Johanna Chryssikos-Watson and Artemis Partners

Johanna created Artemis Partners in 2015, tapping into her natural gift for leading, coaching, guiding, and inspiring others. The former high school principal and athletic coach knows how to leverage the power of relationships built on trust, clear and honest communication, and passionately believes in always doing the right thing.

She named her company Artemis Partners after the Greek Goddess Artemis, known for hunting and protection. “It’s exactly what we do —hunt for our clients and protect their company’s needs and goals,” Johanna says.

Besides honing her leadership skills and helping clients achieve their goals, Johanna focuses on giving back and paying it forward. When she’s not assisting clients or her team, or spending time with her two teenage daughters, she’s active in the community, supports children’s charities, and enjoys mentoring girls and young women.

“Girls need leaders and positive role models who will encourage them to be and do anything,” Johanna says. “When I can help someone find their own path and forge ahead, it’s a day I celebrate.”

Positions Artemis Partners Hunts For:

  • C–Level
  • Executives
  • Leadership Roles
  • Directors
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Sales


  • Finance /Accounting
  • Manufacturing / Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Supply Chain
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas
  • Retail

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