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Top Docs 2021 - Frank Rodriguez, MD

By Meredith Knight

Dr. Frank Rodriguez always knew helping people was in his future. He can’t remember a time when he didn’t want to be a doctor, but he does remember having a rival ambition as a boy. “When I was a kid, I lived for all things sports,” he said. “I played every game that would have me and harbored dreams of becoming a professional athlete.”

Lucky for Dr. Rodriguez—and his patients—he found a way to combine his love of sports with his dream of fixing people through orthopedics. As an orthopedic surgeon with over twenty-five years’ experience, Dr. Rodriguez gets to help people of all walks of life reduce their pain and restore their bodies’ functionality and mobility. He takes joy in seeing patients who came to him riddled with pain and limitations get back to what they love, whether that’s scoring a touchdown, running a marathon, or just enjoying their everyday life pain-free.

Dr. Rodriguez specializes in reconstruction, replacement, and arthroscopy of the shoulder, hip, and knee. He stays at the forefront of medical advances and breakthroughs, yet he’s never too busy to sit down with his patients to explain every option, answer any question, and put each patient at ease. Dr. Rodriguez wants patients to feel like family, and he has seen some of his patients for over twenty years. Some have trusted him with a few different joint replacements, and others have encouraged family members to come in for care, so Dr. Rodriguez is able to meet and improve the lives of several members of the same family.

Dr. Rodriguez lives with his wife Kimberly, the love of his life, his best friend, and his partner of over thirty-seven years. He and Kimberly both agree that Texas is the best state to live in, and they’re proud to call it home. Together they raised three kids and are keeping their fingers crossed for grandchildren. They love the Dallas Fort Worth area because it has the best combination of professional opportunities and, you guessed it—sports!

In his free time, Dr. Rodriguez indulges his love of sports by cycling, going to college football games, and collecting sports memorabilia, especially sports cards from the ‘60s and ‘70s. In fact, some of his basketball card sets are the top in the world. The family dog, Duncan, the ninth Golden Retriever the Rodriguezes have had over the years, even gets his name from former Spurs star, Tim Duncan.

Dr. Rodriguez’s home-away-from-home is Christ Chapel Church in Fort Worth. He and his wife both enjoy Bible study and put God first in everything they do. Dr. Rodriguez always appreciates the opportunity to share the gospel with his patients and often prays with them before their surgeries, grateful for another way to connect with his patients and set their minds at ease.


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