Angel Cleveland, Realtor

Keller Williams Rockwall
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By Samantha Gluck

Theodore Roosevelt once famously said, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Perhaps no one lives up to this quote better than Realtor Angel Cleveland of Keller Williams Rockwall. This dynamic, inspirational woman has worked in real estate since 2017 and she’s already won several awards and is currently putting together her own real estate team, ACRE Property Group.

“Since I’ve been in the business, I’ve worked many different types of real estate transactions and contracts. I’ve had several opportunities to mentor other agents, which has enriched and deepened my understanding of the industry as well as helped my mentees progress,” explains Angel. She points out that mentoring benefits both the mentor and mentee by opening the ability to pursue new opportunities, build up a network, and further develop one’s sphere of influence.

“By recognizing and appreciating my own mentors, I’ve worked to pay it forward, so to speak, by embracing each opportunity to help other Realtors,” she says, adding that many of those she advises are new agents, but some are experienced Realtors who quit the business for a few years and are now getting back in. She notes that every agent is on a different journey and collaborating in mentor-based relationships is greatly rewarding for both sides of the situation.

Rookie of the Year? Check!

Once Angel experienced her children being grown, she has made it a point to challenge herself in different ways. “I remember, specifically, when I first earned my real estate license I set a goal to win the Rookie of the Year award. I didn’t know how I was going to do it or what the journey would entail. My husband, Coy, thought it was a great idea, so I had that all-important support from him. He is an endless source of inspiration for me,” Angel says, continuing, “Immediately after setting that goal, I went full steam ahead into learning the business and doing the very best job I could.”

She became so busy her first year — delving into learning about sales, contracts, and negotiations — the Rookie award goal slipped from the forefront of her mind. As that first year marched on, it became time for the annual awards ceremony. Angel says she had been working overtime and felt exhausted, so she didn’t plan to attend the awards event. A couple of other Keller Williams agents urged her to change her mind. Ultimately, she ended up going with an agent who had just signed on to the Keller Williams Rockwall team and who felt awkward attending alone. Angel explains, “This other new agent and I had been working together on opposite sides of a transaction that was closing. She really wanted to go, but didn’t know anyone at the office yet and so had no one to sit with. The leader and mentor in me prompted me to go with her.”

Before the awards ceremony, guests enjoyed a wonderful banquet. Angel felt relaxed and simply focused on having a good time. She had no idea she would win, but she did. Angel Cleveland became Rookie of the Year. “I was so surprised. It is woven in the very fabric of my journey in this business. You never know who you’re impacting or what you’re accomplishing when you focus on doing the best and helping others along the way,” advises Angel.

Secrets to Success in Real Estate

Angel remembers her mother’s advice, “My mom has been a hair stylist all my life and she always told me that getting your cosmetology license is one thing, but getting out there and diving into the business to figure out where you fit in is crucial to success. It’s the same with real estate. It’s sink or swim.” To that end, Angel reveals that she has felt very rewarded this past year because she feels God has put several great agents in her path who have played key roles in the progression of her success. “All of these mentors are important, of course, but one sticks out. I can call her any hour of the day or night. Knowing that support is there whenever I need it has been priceless,” she adds.

On being a leader, Angel firmly believes successful leadership arises from influence, not authority. She explains that a leader must have a strong, robust sphere of influence and developing this comes down to networking. “It’s my dad who has inspired and taught me the most about leadership. From him I learned that the more you reach out and build a network, the more it will benefit you as well as your current and future clients,” promises Angel, adding, “My sphere of influence has been the catalyst for the majority of my success.” Building this personal network benefits clients too, because Angel can connect with certain people in her sphere who will help her procure exactly what clients want and need.

Giving Back to the Community

Another thing Angel really loves about working at Keller Williams is that each year the brokerage takes a day to give back to the community. Their commitment to charity touched Angel’s heart when she found out about it because she’s an active member of the local CASA organization and it’s something she and her husband have been doing for years. 


2701 Sunset Ridge Drive, Suite 109
Rockwall, Texas 75032
(972) 772-7000

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