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Diabetic Neuropathy Sufferer Shares Story of Overcoming Neuropathy and Living Without Neuropathy Pain Medications

Charlie is a man who loves people and loves life. A little over a year ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes. Like most people, he was instructed to take pills, eat right, and lose weight. To Charlie’s surprise, he started to develop this weird feeling in his lower legs and feet. He had numbness, tingling, and pain that was constant. It got so bad that it started to interfere with Charlie’s balance, which led to him falling numerous times.

Charlie grew concerned because things were obviously getting worse. He saw multiple doctors only to be told “you have neuropathy” and that was it. There was no discussion on a true treatment plan except to take a prescription medication to simply mask the symptoms. The worst part was that the medications did not work and only caused new side effects. Charlie’s neuropathy did not improve and continued to progress.

Charlie did not accept medications as the solution for his neuropathy. He knew it would just get worse. He was scared as he saw his pain, numbness, or tingling progress faster and faster.

Fast forward to today. Charlie was able to walk for 10 hours at the Texas State Fair, eating corny dogs and having the best time with his family and friends. He is also off his neuropathy pain medications. He basically does not have neuropathy anymore. So how did he do it?

Did you know there is a neuropathy treatment process published in the World Journal of Neuroscience? Did you know that contrary to what your doctors say, peripheral nerves can repair themselves? Did you know that wrapped around your peripheral nerves are very specific cells that once activated will actually start the nerve repair process? Did you know that with the right tools and education, you too might be able to achieve long-term relief from neuropathy?

Let me introduce you to Bao Thai, DC. Dr. Thai has spent nearly a decade developing and treating neuropathy patients. Through research and science, his treatment process has helped thousands of patients. At Advanced Nerve & Health DFW Carrollton, our proprietary treatment process addresses the root cause of the problem, not just covering up the symptoms. Our process revolves around activating specific cells and proteins in your body that will help nerves repair. Dr. Thai’s mission has always been to help change the standard of care for neuropathy patients, and that’s why he published his research paper.

If you have neuropathy and want real help, call the clinic and mention Living Magazine to get:

  • A copy of Dr. Thai’s latest bestselling neuropathy book, Neuropathy Getting On Your Nerves?
  • A no-obligation, in-office consultation
  • Diagnostic nerve testing to determine if you are a candidate for our process

This offer is valid for the first 10 appointments for only $27. A $299 value. Spaces are limited, so call today.


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