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Betty lived a full, busy life. A Dallas police officer for years, she was known for her energy and enthusiasm. Then she began experiencing nerve-related pain in her feet and legs. The doctors gave her pain meds but no hope of a cure. Her medications only went up, as her unrelenting leg and foot pain did as well. She took early retirement from the job she loved.

Then, tragically, her son was widowed with three small boys and Betty attempted to step in and help with childcare.

Not only was her nerve pain unbearable, she was quickly losing the ability to walk.

She was depressed and worried what would happen to the children. Eventually Betty had to come to reality and accept that her ability to walk was soon to disappear.

That’s when she was referred to Dr. Bao Thai of Advanced Nerve & Laser Center.

“What Betty was experiencing is something called ‘peripheral neuropathy’,” Dr. Thai explained. “It’s pain associated with nerve damage. Often after chemo or related to diabetes or trauma, it can come as:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Burning
  • Loss of Balance

These symptoms can lead to the inability to walk or do simple tasks.”

Like Betty, most of Dr. Thai’s patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy or other nerve-related issues have already exhausted every medical avenue they know.

“There are many dedicated doctors who want to find relief for these patients but feel like the damage to their nerves can’t be reversed. I’m happy to say that for patients like Betty I’ve been able to reverse the damage to the nerves by providing the nutrients and proteins their nerves were needing. Once you provide the body with a mechanism to repair the nerves, the tissues can heal and the nerves can return to normal.”

In Betty’s case, that’s exactly what happened. After treatments of Dr. Thai’s proprietary process, of non-invasive, non-surgical, drug-free treatments, Betty saw 95% improvement.

She’s walking and active again, pain free, and able to keep up with three active boys.

Then there was Wayne. Once a marathon participant, he had so much nerve damage to his feet that his days were filled with burning, stabbing, pain. And his nights were even worse. “Wayne’s doctors were looking at the structural and muscular components of his feet but not at the nerves,” Dr. Thai said. “They told him he’d have to forget about running and learn to live with the pain.”

Dr. Thai ran a series of tests on Wayne and felt like he could help. “Not everyone is a candidate for this treatment,” he said. “If I can’t help them, I’m honest about it. I use a variety of technologies including high-powered lasers, neuro-light therapies developed by NASA, EPAT Therapies, millimeter wave therapy, and deep-muscle therapy, to name just a few. They are all designed to reestablish blood flow to the area, to reverse and repair the nerve damage that’s causing the trouble. In Wayne’s case, it worked.

And he’s running again at almost 70 years old.”

Dr. Thai and his staff spend their days listening to testimonies like these. “It never gets old,” he said. “One patient accompanied her husband to Ireland because we were able to fix her pain, weakness, and loss of balance. Another was just thrilled to be able to hold a coffee cup again. When someone’s in constant pain, their relationships suffer. When we’re able to fix the problems, they can be a wife, a husband, a mother, a father, a friend, and a wage earner again.”

When Dr. Thai first began treating nerve-related conditions, his patients were 65 to 85. But now he’s seeing younger patients. Twenty-year-old TJ is one of them. “He tore his knee and all the nerves in his feet in a football-related accident,” Dr. Thai said. “Before he came to me, he had experimental nerve grafts but the doctors feared he’d never walk again.

We’ve only begun his treatment but already feeling is returning to his feet. We’re excited to see how far he’ll go.”

Many of Dr. Thai’s patients have nerve damage due to chemotherapy. “Chemo can destroy cancer cells,” Dr. Thai said. “Unfortunately, it also destroys peripheral blood vessels and peripheral nerves. For many of my patients, peripheral neuropathy is worse than the chemo.”

Fortunately, local oncologists, diabetes specialists, orthopedic surgeons, and pain management doctors, having seen the results Dr. Thai is having, are referring their patients to him. “These are dedicated men and women who want more than anything to help their patients,” he said. “Until now they just couldn’t. Many people have spent years waking up every day wondering how crappy they’re going to feel or what new thing they can no longer do. This treatment is giving them hope of a good quality of life again.”

The word is out and patients are driving to Advanced Nerve and Laser Center from all over the state of Texas, even from outside of the state. “Only about 10% of our patients are from this area,” he said. He also provides a nutrition program to gain internal harmony and address any weight-related issues that are affecting their nerves. “My staff is friendly and know the patients by name,” he said. “Treatment takes an hour to an hour and a half and that’s quality time with me or my staff.”

As a child, Dr. Thai loved taking things apart and figuring out how they worked. “My philosophy is not to accept the status quo,” he said. “I’m big on thinking outside of the trapezoid—anyone can think outside of the box—to find a solution no one else has. If every other doctor is doing things the same way and these patients aren’t finding relief, what can I do differently that will help them?

When not on the job, Dr. Thai enjoys time with his wife and seven-year-old son. “We’ve tried to instill in him the idea of helping people and are very proud of the caring, friendly boy he is. The three of us enjoy traveling and taking in other cultures.”

“I can’t help everyone,” Dr. Thai said. “But over 90% of our accepted patients get results.” If unrelenting nerve problems are running your life, Dr. Thai is offering a free, limited-time, no-obligation consultation to the first 25 callers to see if he can help. Call (972) 347-4371 to schedule your consult.


3941 FM 2181

Corinth, Texas 76210

(972) 347-4371


By Meredith Knight

Photography by Guy T

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