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Why should people care about the cosmetic aspect of dental care during the pandemic?

First off, any dental work that is visible when smiling is cosmetic dentistry. Next, we’re all trying to stay healthy and neglecting our oral health shouldn’t be collateral damage of this pandemic. Speaking of collateral damage, what toll is the pandemic taking on our mental health? Having the ability to smile freely without hesitation can have a drastic impact on the way we feel! Plus, sharing your smile is a great way to bless those around us, whether they’re closest to us at home or digitally zoomed in on us.


How can patients give their cosmetic dentist a clear understanding of what they want?

Before the visit, patients may want to jot down a quick, informal list of how they want to improve the appearance of their teeth in such a way that will make them love to smile. What end result do they envision? I’m not a veneer salesman. I work from an approach that is very tailored around my patients’ goals rather than always pushing a certain procedure or cosmetic product. By listening carefully to what an individual patient wants, I can work closely with them to develop the best, most cost-effective plan for achieving those goals.


What sort of problems do cosmetic dentists correct?

We straighten crooked teeth, close gaps, replace missing teeth, apply veneers, recontour teeth, apply composite bonding, and, of course, we whiten discolored and stained teeth. I also provide Smile Design Full-Mouth Restoration for people who worry their teeth are too damaged to correct and make beautiful again. For these patients, we sit down together and develop a customized, affordable plan to restore health, strength, and dazzling beauty to their teeth. The joy I see on my patients’ faces when they first see their fully restored, bright white smile in a mirror is absolutely priceless.


How do you ensure your cosmetic dental work (veneers, implants, composite bonding, et cetera) looks natural?

Cosmetic dental care consists of both scientific and artistic aspects. Not only must I have the knowledge and technical skill to properly perform the procedures, it’s critical that I also employ an artistic perspective throughout the process. This ensures the procedure is completed with flawless technical skill and looks naturally beautiful. Check out the before and after photos of real patients at to see what I mean.


What’s one thing you wish people understood about cosmetic dentistry?

I want people to know that cosmetic dentistry is not about vanity. Think about it this way. If you aren’t confident in your smile, what is that causing you to miss out on socially or professionally in your life? When a patient with a brand-new smile walks out our doors, they’re actually walking into a world of newly opened possibilities. I’ve actually witnessed this play out in patients’ lives. As a dentist, there are few things more rewarding than knowing I’ve helped someone in ways that go beyond their teeth.


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Kevin L. Aduddell, DDS
Aduddell Dentistry

Dr. Kevin has practiced cosmetic dentistry since 2013 and holds a number of dental certifications in addition to his Doctorate of Dentistry. Due to his exceptional work with Invisalign, he was invited into membership of the nationally renowned, prestigious Reingage Study Club of the AACA. His passion for providing natural-looking, life-changing cosmetic, general, and implant dentistry to his patients shines through in his enthusiasm for personalizing treatment plans for each individual patient.


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