Adina Wong, PharmD

Leading Women 2021

By Samantha Gluck

Not long after Adina Wong, PharmD, graduated from pharmacy school in 2017, she came across an opportunity to open a 986 Specialty Pharmacy franchise store in Plano. The independent retail pharmacy is the California-based company’s first location in Texas. The store carries the typical prescription and over-the-counter medications customers expect, as well as numerous specialty medications and other high-end therapeutic drugs. 

“Many of the specialty medications are expensive, harder to find, and may be administered via injection in which we carry for our patients,” Dr. Wong says. For customers with gluten sensitivities or allergies to certain dyes, the team will search for and locate specific medication manufacturers made without these ingredients. In fact, they provide comprehensive medication therapy management services for all clients. Specialties include dermatology, arthritis, nephrology, and many others. “It’s important for pharmacists to take time to get to know patients,” she explains, adding, “I know each one of our regular customers. I know their faces, their names, what medications they’re taking, just about everything.” 

Dr. Wong is dedicated to working closely with patients to manage and improve all aspects of their health. From immunizations to specialty therapeutic injections or diabetes management, this pharmacy has it all. Dr. Wong is fluent in Chinese, and other team members have fluency in Vietnamese and Spanish. 

If you’re looking for a pharmacist who truly cares about you and your health, visit Adina Wong, PharmD at 986 Specialty Pharmacy today.


6205 Coit Road, Suite 356
Plano, Texas 75024
(469) 543-0199

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