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Thomas E. Eidson, DO | Kevin D. Fradkin, MD | Cynthia Mathews, APRN

Optimal vein health was at the forefront of Dr. Thomas E. Eidson’s mind when he first established Atlas Vein Care in Arlington. As his practice has grown, he’s happy to welcome two like-minded professionals to the Atlas Vein Care team: Dr. Kevin D. Fradkin, MD and nurse practitioner Cynthia Mathews, APRN, to help serve the rapidly growing DFW population. Together the medical team at Atlas Vein Care bring to the table more than two decades of combined experience and over 20,000 safe and successful treatments improving quality of life for the men and women they serve. At Atlas Vein Care, their team concentrates solely on vein health in the legs—something that affects the health throughout the body. 

Dr. Eidson himself has treated thousands of patients struggling with issues in the veins in their legs and has safely and has successfully performed thousands of vein treatments to improve the self-confidence and quality of life of his patients. He’s made it his personal mission to not only educate his patients but also other medical professionals about vein disease and how devastating it can be to the quality of their patients’ lives. He’s thrilled to join forces with two practitioners who share his commitment to excellence in medical care. 

The Atlas Vein team is focused on the medical, quality-of-life-affecting symptoms that vein disease can cause in legs such as: leg and ankle swelling, red or brown discoloration of the skin, leg pain, heaviness, aching, night cramps, restless legs, skin breakdown or even leg wounds. Together this team is dedicated to providing much needed hope and healing for men and women suffering from vein disease—from the purely cosmetic, to the medically significant.

Patient Empowerment

Patient education and empowerment is the hallmark of care at Atlas Vein Care. The Atlas team takes time with each patient helping them understand the root causes of their symptoms and their treatment options. Patients who may have come to Atlas Vein feeling hopeless and discouraged can leave with hope for a better quality of life. Even as the practice has grown, they still find time to educate their fellow medical professionals about the negative effects vein problems can have on the health of the rest of the body if they’re left untreated.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Atlas Vein Care offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and treat vein issues in the legs. “A painless ultrasound of the legs is all it takes to see if you’re suffering from vein problems,” Dr. Eidson said. “All our sonographers/ultrasound technicians are registered vascular technicians (RVTs) with years of experience in venous and lymphatic medicine. We’re also dedicated to continually re-educating ourselves as new and better technology is developed and investing in the best and most
advanced equipment.”

Focused Practice

“Atlas Vein Care doesn’t simply dabble in vein care,” Dr. Eidson said. “Unlike most places, we’re 100% focused on helping men and women who suffer from vein-related issues in their legs. That’s why patient education is such a big part of our job. We want to enable our patients to become advocates and ambassadors to others suffering from vein related issues, so they know there’s treatment and hope for a better quality of life. We’ve worked hard to offer everything our patients need under one roof. We frequently collaborate with one another on cases. So, our patients get a second—and even a third—opinion built into every office visit.”

Community Minded

Firm believers in giving back to the community, the Atlas Vein team are always looking for ways to pay it forward. Dr. Eidson and his wife are members of Gateway Church and give time and resources to EQUIP, a non-profit founded by John C. Maxwell, dedicated to life-changing transformation through leadership, relationship, and adding value to others. “Check it out at,” Dr. Eidson said. “It might just change your life too.”

Dr. Eidson also speaks at local and statewide medical conferences educating fellow medical professionals on venous and lymphatic medicine topics. He serves as a mentor to young men and women interested in the medical field and as a rotation site for medical students. Cynthia Mathews, NP serves and volunteers with the Special Olympics. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” Dr. Eidson said. “We want our patients to know their quality of life is what we care about most.”

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Your All Important Veins

You take a daily probiotic for your gut health, count your steps for your cardio health, and wear sunscreen for the health of your skin. But have you given much thought to your veins? The Atlas Vein team thinks you should because taking care of your veins is vital to preserving your overall health. After all, it’s your veins that transmit blood throughout your body. Your veins transport oxygen and vital nutrients to your heart and other organs even as they eliminate carbon dioxide and other wastes. 

Thankfully, if you’re eating a healthy diet, getting adequate exercise, and otherwise maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you’re doing a lot toward keeping your veins healthy and fully functioning. But there’s even more you can do. You can avoid long periods of sitting or standing. Since strong leg muscles mean better circulation, you can take time each day to walk, run, swim, do yoga, or cycle. 

Take throughout your day to stretch your calves and other leg muscles and get your blood flowing. If you’re overweight, talk to your doctor about healthy weight loss. If you smoke, quit. And if you have diabetes, do everything you can to keep it under control. When you’re home relaxing, you can periodically elevate your feet above your heart and, if standing for long periods is unavoidable, invest in some compression socks. 


2701 Matlock Road , Suite 103
Arlington, Texas 76015
(817) 795-8346

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