Rocky Creek Family Medicine

Rocky Creek Family Medicine McMullen Choudhury

Deirdre McMullen, MD
Tiyashi (Tia) Choudhury, MD
Hillary Spears, FNP


Rocky Creek Family Medicine is a unique, one-stop medical practice that offers traditional family medicine in addition to cosmetic procedures and weight-loss management. Dr. Deirdre McMullen and Dr. Tiyashi Choudhury are board certified in family medicine and emphasize wellness while also managing chronic and acute conditions.

The practice provides annual physicals, well woman exams, immunizations and well child/baby services. Patients can also explore aesthetics, including facial relaxers and fillers.

“We are adding truSculpt iD, which is a noninvasive fat reducer and skin tightener,” says Dr. McMullen, who started the practice in 2003. “We’re also bringing in some joint injections to help relieve joint injuries. Part of this involves platelet-rich plasma, which also has a cosmetic benefit in that we can use it as a facial filler.” Those who struggle with weight loss can find the help they need at Rocky Creek Family Medicine. Dr. McMullen is trained in helping patients achieve their weight loss goals and works with individuals to develop customized weightloss programs.

“Many people aren’t aware of all the services we provide. We’re independent, so we can mold the healthcare each patient needs to best help them,” says Dr. McMullen. “We really are a one-stop shop. We enjoy taking care of the whole family.”

Dr. Choudhury, who joined the practice more than a year ago and works with patients of all ages, believes in the power of patient education. Whether patients want to know more about essential oils or the Keto diet, Dr. Choudhury encourages conversation. She also appreciates when patients bring in articles they’ve found or a list of questions they’d like to address. “There’s a lot of info floating around out there,” she says. “I like to help patients sort through what is true and help them come up with a lifestyle that works for them. It’s all about daily lifestyle choices. It’s about a partnership.”

Dr. Choudhury first developed a love for medicine in high school as a hospital volunteer. She took an interest in hearing people’s stories and how they coped with different illnesses. This started her medical philosophy of educating patients and working with them to help them get a strong hold on their health. “I like to get my patients involved. Sometimes they need medication, but many times we can take a more natural approach,” she says. “It’s important for us to work together so they can form a good lifestyle. We’re blessed to have the life we live. By making healthy choices, we can all live life to the fullest.” From illness to wellness, the knowledgeable and compassionate medical team at Rocky Creek Family Medicine is ready to welcome you into their patient family. Make an appointment now and take the first step toward living your best, healthiest life.



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