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Richardson Dentistry

Michael Guirguis, DDS, Brent Fleming, DDS, and James Guirguis, DDS

Drs. Guirguis, Fleming, and Guirguis of Richardson Dentistry use many resources to help them provide friendly, conservative family dentistry to their neighbors and friends including a dynamic hygiene team with six hygienists who’ve been working together for over 20 years.  A veteran of that team is Marny Waters who’s been practicing dental hygiene for almost 40 years.

“I believe we’re at our best professionally when we collaborate on the latest products, research, continuing education, tools, and technology,” she said. “When we’re well informed, along with excellent communication and partnership with our patients, we can provide exceptional comprehensive patient care.”

The hygiene team at Richardson Dentistry seek to understand what brings each patient to their office.  “It’s vital that we know not only the patient’s mouth, but the patient themselves,” she said. “We spend time in conversation learning their background, medical and dental history, and their goals for their mouth. If a patient has dental anxiety because of a previous bad experience, we want to know about it and to discuss how we can reset their perspective to a comfortable, pleasant experience in our chair.  Listening to our patient’s needs and concerns is fundamental as we initiate a trusting doctor/hygienist/patient partnership.”

Because the health of the mouth goes well beyond flossing and brushing and having pretty teeth, Marny says thorough and individualized patient education is critical to patient compliance. “As a patient understands the why and how, they become motivated ‘to do,’ resulting in good oral health,” she said. “We’re learning everyday about the connection between the mouth, gut, and whole body. Gum disease has been linked to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and auto-immune disorders. The mouth gives us early signs of chronic diseases which can manifest in the mouth first.  And a diseased or infected mouth can impede whole body healing for patients undergoing surgery or chemotherapy.”

The team conducts thorough assessments in order to approach the patient’s needs from a holistic view and determine the best treatment plan for them, including digital X-rays and extraoral and intraoral cancer examination. “We use intraoral cameras so our patients can see what we see and understand the doctor’s recommendations,” Marny said. “One patient may have dry mouth caused by allergies or medications, while another may  dental erosion caused by acid reflux, diet, brushing techniques, or grinding habits. They may even have allergies to some toothpaste ingredients. As hygiene healthcare partners, we hope to help patients identify issues early and prevent long-term damage.”

The team invites patient’s questions and concerns believing that well-informed patients result in healthier mouths. “It’s not unusual for a patient to call one of us or the doctors before beginning chemo, so we can create a homecare and product protocol,” Marny said. “Patients call from the drug store for help with product selection. We encourage it, so we can be an interactive oral hygiene team.”



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