Prashant Kaushik, DMD, MBA, MAGD

Pristine Smiles of Rockwall Prashant Kaushik, DMD, MBA, MAGDPristine Smiles of Rockwall
Prashant Kaushik, DMD, MBA, MAGD

Growing up in Calgary, Canada, Prashant Kaushik learned that a smile is a universal language. “Both my parents are from East India,” he said. “When we could go back to visit, I didn’t speak the language, but I could interact with the people through a simple and sincere smile. Those experiences taught me that our happiness lives through our smiles.”

“As a profession, we address many things, including patient expectations, financial concerns, the fear of pain and the unknown, what will a new smile look like—or point blank—is cosmetic dentistry really worth it?” he said. “The art and science behind an enhanced smile is a journey. When you reach the destination, it’s always well worth it.” 

Case in point, Dr. Kaushik recently encountered a patient who was ready to make changes to his smile. Here is the case, as Dr. Kaushik utilizes his personal 6D process to deliver Carl’s dream smile:

  1. Discussion with the patient
  2. The Data Dr. Kaushik gathered
  3. Discovery of the current state of the patient’s teeth
  4. Designing an individualized plan for the patient
  5. The state-of-the-art Dentistry that allowed Dr. Kaushik to Deliver a brand new, dazzling, fully-functional smile

Here, presented by Dr. Kaushik, is the completed cosmetic case, the barriers it overcame, and the immeasurable value a new smile has had in a person’s life. 

1. Discussion

“I had the pleasure of meeting Carl Dean via a Google ad in 2015. He was a busy individual, a rising star in the real estate world. To advance his career and feel better about his smile, he felt it was time to do something about his smile but was worried what it would look like. His apprehension expanded to cost and fear of pain. We were able to listen to his concerns and expectations while showing our potential value to him, making his dream smile a reality.” 

2. Data

“After the initial online exchange of words and eventual in-person, 30-minute discussion, we comfortably completed a thorough clinical examination, obtained the necessary digital x-rays (radiographs) then took a 12 set of digital photographs. At that point, I still had to force Carl to smile, since he rarely smiled in his photos.”

3. Discovery

“We gathered the information we needed to show Carl the current condition of his smile. He said, ‘I’ve never seen my teeth like this.’ The digital photographs alone were the most powerful source of information as Carl explained what he didn’t like what he saw and wanted his teeth straighter and whiter. Seeing truly is believing.”

4. Design

“Combining the information obtained from the discussion, data, and Carl’s personal discovery of his current smile, we designed our plan. Carl felt empowered with the knowledge he needed to make the right decision when it came to his smile. With excitement, after reviewing the proposed smile simulation as seen on the picture on the right he had no hesitation in accepting the designed, customized treatment plan involving 10 porcelain veneers on his upper teeth.” 

5. Dentistry

Fabricated by expert technicians, Carl came back to have his teeth prepared as the foundation for his future porcelain veneers. He was treated as the only patient in the office that day. We made the experience as comfortable as possible with local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas). Carl left the appointment with 10 temporary veneers to test run the comfort, bite, and look.  The journey was a little bumpy at times as we had to modify the bite, so it was more comfortable. After a few months, we mutually accepted a design that included length, shape, and a final porcelain color Carl was happy with”. 

6. Delivery

“The following 10 custom-designed porcelain veneers were delivered comfortably to Carl. About a week after the local anesthesia wore off, we brought Carl back for any needed adjustments. More importantly, it was at this visit that we looped back to our initial discussion. We’re confident that Carl would be the first to agree that 10 porcelain veneers changed not only his smile, but his life. Not only does his star status continue to rise in the real estate world, he is proudly engaged to the woman of his dreams.”   

So, in the end, was it worth it? Dr. Kaushik will allow Carl’s 2019 testimonial to answer this.


Dr.-Prashant-Kaushik---Pristine-Smiles-of-Rockwall- Progression of veneer


My entire career is based around educating others on how to invest in real estate either from stage or in front of a camera. I first went to Dr. Kaushik (PK) when my career started to land me on magazine covers and television. I wasn’t confident in my smile and was sick of feeling self conscious about it and hiding my true emotion. It’s been 3 YEARS since I got my veneers and I constantly tell people that it was without a doubt the best investment I have ever made. I went from a self conscious young man with a partial fake smile, to sharing my true emotion and smiling with confidence at every opportunity. I can honestly say that it has made every aspect of my life better and more enjoyable. Eternally, I have Dr. PK to thank for that.


Principal Owner, Right Way Realty Group


Meet Dr. Kaushik

Dr. Kaushik graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science in biological sciences then graduated cum laude from Temple University School of Dentistry while simultaneously obtaining his Master of Business Administration degree from Temple University Fox School of Business. He expanded his skill set to treat medically-compromised and hospital-based patients by completing a one-year dental residency program at Harvard University/Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

In 2014, after serving the people of Maine at Progressive Dental Care, Dr. Kaushik moved to Houston and eventually Dallas to be closer to extended family and opened Pristine Smiles of Rockwall.  But his pursuit of dental excellence was not complete. Since 2004, he has logged over 2750 additional hours of continuing dental education—over 700 of which were hands-on with patients—to earn the prestigious Mastership award, MAGD, at the Academy of General Dentistry as one of the youngest recipients at age 30. Less than 1 percent of all dentists have achieved Mastership. Furthermore, Dr. Kaushik completed a comprehensive, 10-month dental implant continuum at the Medical College of Georgia in Atlanta. From 2012 to2013, he served as president of the Greater Portland Dental Society.

A smile makeover doesn’t have to be expensive and can be undertaken in stages. Call Dr. Kaushik at (972) 771-9196 or visit DRKAUSHIK.NET to schedule a no-pressure consultation and discuss your fabulous, new smile.

2504 Ridge Road, Suite 207
Rockwall, Texas 75087
(972) 771-9196

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