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Quinn Smith, DMD and Tanaya Sanders, DDS


In 5000 BC, a Sumerian text describes “tooth worms” as the cause of dental decay. And thousands of years later in 1790, John Greenwood, son of Isaac Greenwood and one of George Washington’s dentists, constructed the first known dental foot engine. He adapted his mother’s foot treadle spinning wheel to rotate a drill.

Throughout history, we have continued to evolve and perfect the way we maintain our oral care. Modern day advances in dentistry are evolving even more rapidly with technological advances and improved materials.

At Pecan Tree Dental, located in South Grand Prairie, the doctors and staff have embraced the ever-changing state of dentistry. Drs. Quinn Joseph Smith and Tanaya Sanders and their staff have invested in advanced technology and thousands of hours in continuing education.

“Being a superior dentist during these modern times we live in requires a dedicated and concerted effort,” Dr. Smith said. “The advancements in modern dentistry are amazing and I love being a part of it all. If I was in the market for a family dentist, I would want to find someone who eats and breaths dentistry…with a ‘never stop improving’ mentality. He or she must be patient-focused and have a gentle hand.”

Pecan Tree Dental has a motto they promote and focus on every morning as a dental team, “LIGHTEN BURDENS, HEAL PEOPLE” …it’s one of their core values. “That focus has helped create a culture of caring in our dental office,” said Dr. Smith. The Pecan Tree Dental team has developed and nurtured a culture of service and compassion that has endeared them to generations of families. They are the premier neighborhood dental practice that sees everyone from six months old to 106 years old.

“IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU,” is another core value at Pecan Tree Dental. Because ‘it is all about you’, the doctors and staff put themselves in “your” shoes and make every effort to make your dental visits convenient, comfortable, gentle, entertaining, and affordable…exceeding all expectations.


Pecan Tree Dental Quinn Smith, DMD and Tanaya Sanders, DDS



Quinn Smith, DMD

Raised in a small town outside of Boise, Idaho, Dr. Smith is the 7th of 10 children. The necessity of faith, family, and hard work were instilled in him as a young boy. The small family farm on which he was raised required him to help milk “Toto”, the family milk cow, and undertake many other chores to help pitch in for his large family. He has always loved animals and the outdoors.

After completing his studies at Boise State University, he received his doctorate of dentistry at the University of Louisville, School of Dentistry. Because Dr. Smith believes in giving back to the community, he opens his office, twice a year, to offer free dental treatment – to women during Mother’s Day and veterans during Veterans Day to show his love and gratitude for all the sacrifices they make. Those are some of his most favorite work days.

Dr. Smith enjoys completing cosmetic Smile Makeovers, cosmetic veneers, dental implants, and providing sedation dentistry. “One of my favorite things about practicing dentistry is checking out before and after photos of my patients,” Dr. Smith said. “Giving a patient a beautiful, brand-new smile or removing a painful, abscessed tooth and replacing it with a dental implant are some of my greatest passions. Often, those treatments are life-altering for the patient…and I’m just grateful to play a small role.”

Dr. Smith is married to his beautiful wife, Rachel, and together, they have two young sons, Whitaker and Elias, and a baby daughter named Parry Beth. When asked what his greatest achievement in life is, Dr. Smith said “my marriage and family…by far, the greatest, and nothing comes close to second place. My sweet and beautiful wife, Rachel, and our three children, give meaning to my life and immense happiness…more than I could ever ask for.”

Tanaya Sanders, DDS

Dr. Sanders grew up in Lancaster, Texas, and went to school at First Baptist Academy of Dallas. She went to college at Xavier University of Louisiana and completed her doctorate of dentistry at Tennessee College of Dentistry. Dr. Sanders loves people! She has a heart of gold and treats everyone like family. Just ask her patients. Dr. Sanders met her awesome husband, Alix, during her years in Dental School. Together, they have an adorable daughter named Taylor.

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