Melissa Chiang, MD, FAAD

Melissa Chiang, MD, FAAD

Board-Certified Dermatologist  | Board-Certified Dermatopathology


Do you have a friend that looks great for her age?  Perhaps she seems to be aging in reverse with great skin tone and minimal sagging?  Or maybe she becomes more beautiful as time passes?  She might have won the genetic lottery, but she might be getting some help from someone like Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Melissa Chiang.  Dr. Chiang has a step-wise approach to aging gracefully, and she has an eye for enhancing beauty.  Dr. Chiang has 15 years of experience in dermatology.

Work Passion

Dr. Chiang specializes in non-invasive, full-face rejuvenation with the goal of enhancing beauty.   Dr. Chiang is technically skilled and very disciplined in her approach.  During the consultation, she evaluates individual features, as well as the relationship of each feature to the other features and the face as a whole.  Dr. Chiang states, “We see beauty when the person’s features are in harmony with each other; each person’s beauty is unique so each plan has to be customized.”  She is dedicated to (re)creating proportions that are associated with youthful beauty.


Melissa Chiang

Developing Trust

“My most important job is developing and maintaining my patient’s trust.  One important element of developing trust is for me to understand my patient’s needs.  Another part is being able to educate the patient about what I can do for them, as well as the limits of what I can do.  Finally, I have to go at the pace that is appropriate for my patient.  Some patients want a quick transformation and others want to go slowly.  I understand and respect the patient’s needs,” explains Dr. Chiang.    

Being Committed to the Process

Dr. Chiang likes to say that the process of maintaining one’s looks is an iterative process.  We all understand the concept of going to the gym regularly to maintain our strength or going to the dentist every six months to maintain our oral health.  The same is true for your looks.  Take care of your skin every day by protecting it from the sun, use a little Botox to prevent etched-in lines, and replace lost volume with filler.  You can be the friend that everyone thinks about when they think about aging beautifully.

Remember safety

Have you ever heard of “Botox and bubbles?”  With the advent of Botox parties, it can be easy to forget that Botox and dermal fillers are medical procedures.  Very rarely, these procedures can have medical adverse consequences, so go to someone who will take the utmost care.  “Although medical risks are small, I do everything I can to further minimize them.  This includes paying attention to every detail of the process from making sure the patient and I are on the same page, selecting the right procedure and the right product, paying utmost attention to using clean techniques, and adjusting the technique based on the facial anatomy,” explains Dr. Chiang.


Dr. Chiang studied English as a Trustee Scholar at the University of Southern California. She received her MD from Yale School of Medicine, and she is one of a handful of physicians that also graduated with a JD from Yale Law School. Dr. Chiang completed her residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where Dr. Chiang had the honor of serving as chief resident. She moved to Texas in 2009 so she could further her education with specialized training in dermatopathology.   She practices cosmetic and medical dermatology in Spring, Texas.



Client Reviews

“The best experience I have had with Botox injections and fillers. I have been to multiple doctors in Dallas and Houston. I currently live in San Antonio and drive to Houston for my treatments with Dr. Chiang. She is awesome and so gentle!!”

ginny farrow


“Injections in the masseters relieve severe headaches. Thanks to regular treatment by Dr. Chiang, I no longer suffer from debilitating pain. She is knowledgeable, thorough and kind. The staff is courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Chiang and her team.”



“Dr. Chiang is so professional, gentle and downright awesome! I love my results! I’ve lost weight and volume in my face. My concerns were would the treatment be effective and what would be the discomfort level? Dr Chiang & staff took extra care & I was completely comfortable each treatment. After 3 treatments I have my volume back, lift and symmetry. I had no bruising. But the best thing is the results during the entire process were completely natural! I have my confidence & swagger back! Thanks Dr. Chiang!”

Selene hendricks


“Dr. Chiang is my all-time favorite doctor for injectables. Nothing looks “done” but it’s visibly better. I am not a fan of the Spock or puffy look and that’s all I experienced before her. And she is so smart, kind and easy to talk to. Highly recommend her to all my friends.”

TJ Brown


Dr. Chiang has a micro-dermatology practice that focuses on giving thorough care and an excellent patient experience.  Dermatology appointments are typically available the same day or within a few days.  The practice is “direct-pay.”  This means that the practice does not accept insurance, but patients are able to submit claims to their insurance company for out-of-network benefits. 


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