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Lathrop Dental Dr. Collin Lathrop and Dr. Brian Johnson

Dr. Colin Lathrop & Dr. Brian Johnson

Patients of Lathrop Dental Center have a lot to smile about, and when you become a patient, your search for a great dentist will be over too. Dr. Colin Lathrop’s friendly demeanor, a welcoming office with a talented team, and an office equipped with the latest technology exemplifies Lathrop Dental Center’s next generation dentistry with a personalized touch. The upbeat office atmosphere and culture mirrors Dr. Lathrop’s sheer passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives through advanced dentistry and patient care of the highest caliber.

While comprehensive services include family and preventive dentistry, some of Dr. Lathrop’s most personally rewarding cases are cosmetic and reconstructive. With his vast knowledge, training, and love for technology, Dr. Lathrop readily takes on complex cases such as Tanya’s.

Life-Changing Dentistry Relieves Tanya’s Chronic Pain

Tanya discovered how remarkable Dr. Lathrop and his team are when her chiropractor referred her to Lathrop Dental Center. After years of suffering from TMJ, migraines, and chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain, she was at her wits’ end searching for relief. Tanya was also self-conscious about the appearance of her worn-out, damaged teeth.

“I suffered for so long I didn’t remember how it felt to be pain-free,” says Tanya. “Dr. Lathrop said, ‘I’m not going to rest until your pain is gone,’ and I knew he meant it. I put my total trust in him—a decision that has changed my life.”

Dr. Lathrop thoroughly diagnosed Tanya’s TMJ and bite issues using high-tech equipment, then created a custom-made oral appliance for her to wear until her bite pressure was evenly distributed on both sides of her jaw.

“My headaches and pain vanished. I was overjoyed!” Tanya says. But Dr. Lathrop was not finished. Orthodontics further corrected Tanya’s bite, then he created porcelain veneers to build up the length of her teeth which were badly ground down from TMJ and teeth grinding.

Today, chronic pain no longer consumes Tanya’s life and she sleeps through the night as well. She also enjoys having a gorgeous “dream smile” with natural-looking veneers. “I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Lathrop,” she says. “He puts you at ease and explains everything to you—your diagnosis, the equipment he uses, your progress during treatment. Everyone in the office is as wonderful as he is. It’s like a big family there and you can tell they all love their job and Dr. Lathrop. My husband and children go to Dr. Lathrop now, and I tell everyone I know about him. He is amazing!”

Exquisite, Customized Smile Design

Dr. Lathrop believes everyone deserves a comfortable, functional, beautiful, healthy smile. He will work with you to develop a customized smile plan that meets your individual needs.

“Many patients prefer to complete their smile rehabilitation or makeover as soon as possible. Others wish to stage it over time. I offer this option by creating a master plan, then breaking it down into bite-sized pieces,” Dr. Lathrop says. “For example, I may use Invisalign to straighten the teeth then build them up with bonding. Placing all-porcelain veneers or crowns in stages enables patients to enjoy the comfort and many health benefits of a rejuvenated smile while working within their budget and schedule.”

Dr. Lathrop preserves as much of the natural tooth as possible with light preparation. Plus, he uses a top-tier lab that creates veneers and restorations that are naturally lustrous and life-like in shape, instead of fake-looking opaque pegs. No wonder his patients love the way their new smile feels and looks. They report it gives them a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence, and another benefit—a more youthful-looking face. “A reconstructed smile can take as many as 15 years off your face without plastic surgery,” Dr. Lathrop explains. “My patients are thrilled when they see their facial transformation.”

He adds, “Even repair of your teeth over time by different dentists can make you look older. I often see patients with a hodge-podge of mismatched dental work—crowns of different colors, metal amalgam fillings, and old bridges. All this adds up to a smile that detracts from your appearance.”

Imagine the Possibilities with Dr. Lathrop’s Trial Smile


before and after lathrop dental

A self-confessed and proud “dental nerd,” Dr. Lathrop stays on top of the latest technological developments. He selects what he considers the best-of-the-best for his office. “With so many new advances in dental technology, materials, and techniques, dentistry is more comfortable and efficient than ever before,” he says. 

A great example of how Dr. Lathrop leverages technology is in-office 3D printing. Using a wand that scans digital images of your mouth to create upper and lower teeth models, he creates 3D-printed temporaries so patients can try out their new smile before any dental work is done.

“Patients love it! They can try on their new smile in around three business days after their appointment, and we can make changes to the model based on their input,” Dr. Lathrop explains. “It’s far better than using computer-generated pictures alone. Instead of trying to envision what their new smile could look like, they can actually see and experience it.”

Discover why Dr. Colin Lathrop and his team have earned countless glowing 5-star reviews and awards that include Top Dentist, 2016 and 2018, Houstonia Magazine, H-Texas Top Dentist, 2016, and a 2018 Living Magazine Readers’ Choice award. Call today to schedule a consultation. Visit to read Dr. Lathrop’s bio and for more information.

When Dr. Lathrop isn’t helping patients, he spends time with his wife and their four children and is active in the community, supporting local funds and events.



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