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“We focus on offering quality-of-life medicine versus quantity.”

Lakewood Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

It was during college that Nilpesh Patel, Terry Gemas, and Jim Stanley realized that their strong desires to help people, in addition to their natural proclivity to explore and create improved solutions, made orthopaedic and sports medicine their ideal professions. Today, this experienced team of outstanding physicians offers improved quality of life for patients at their state-of-the-art facility, Lakewood Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (LOSM).

Patients Are Seen by the Doctor at Every Visit

The physicians at LOSM strive to treat patients with a personal touch, keeping them well educated and informed of progressive advancements in treatment. Their consideration and comfort are always top priority. Each physician sees and treats each of their patients without the assistance of a nurse practitioner or physician assistant at every visit. This personalized practice ensures continuity of care by a patient’s preferred physician.

Dr. Nilpesh M. Patel 

Specializing in hand, wrist and elbow care, Dr. Patel says, “My parents were strong role models who taught me to work hard and strive for excellence. It’s something I watched them live out in every aspect of their lives.” His goal as a physician is to treat the patient, not the problem, with attentive care. “If I really listen to my patients, they will tell me more than any exam could. It’s my job to educate and guide them as they make choices specific to their needs.”

Dr. Terry K. Gemas

Dr. Gemas concentrates on sports medicine including rotator cuff, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) problems, and joint replacement. “Our ultimate goal is to return patients to activities they love, providing increased mobility and decreased pain,” he says. “It’s equally important to our team that a patient never feels rushed and has plenty of time to ask questions.”

Dr. Jim Stanley

Specializing in spine surgery, Dr. Stanley believes in a conservative approach to care. He considers surgery a last resort only after he has exhausted all noninvasive treatment options. “The recent technological advances in our field are phenomenal,” he explains. “Where traditional spinal surgery meant months of recovery time, laparoscopic surgery allows the return of patients’ normal activities within weeks of treatment.”

Founded in 2005, LOSM partners with patients to restore their quality of life and make them happy, healthy, and successful again. “Whether you’re an athlete or not, we take a sports medicine approach to your care,” Dr. Gemas explains. “That means we see and evaluate you quickly and develop treatments that allow you to swiftly resume normal activities.”

Call the LOSM team and experience a remarkable level of care for your family’s orthopaedic needs.


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