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Katy, Texas Gentle Dentist Shariff-SiddiquiKhurram Siddiqui, DMD and Maryam Shariff, DMD


Dr. Khurram Siddiqui and Dr. Maryam Shariff at Katy Gentle Dentists make it a top priority to stay current on everything they do.

One of the most popular treatments they offer is Invisalign to straighten and correct the smile. Invisalign itself is not a new treatment, however, new technology that Katy Gentle Dentists offers makes the process easier for the patient.

“The process is faster,” said Dr. Shariff. “We use the iTero digital scanner to take impressions which results in faster case processing and more accurately fitting trays.”

Invisalign is a great option for patients because it is unnoticeable, the trays are removable, and patients are still able to floss and clean their teeth easily without any struggle. Dr. Shariff and Dr. Siddiqui have been certified to do the treatment for the last ten years.

The technology offered at Katy Gentle Dentists allows patients to see a simulation of what their teeth will look like after they complete the Invisalign treatment. Dr. Shariff said the before and after pictures are not only a helpful tool during consultations, but they also help eliminate any doubt the patient may have about Invisalign.

“Some people are skeptical that a piece of plastic can change their smile,” said Dr. Siddiqui. “The simulations take the guesswork out of it.”

Dr. Shariff said tInvisalign is not just about the aesthetic. She and Dr. Siddiqui look at it from a clinical perspective and how important having straight and aligned teeth is to a patient’s overall health, making it more of a necessity than a luxury.

“The side effect of having Invisalign is that you have beautiful teeth,” said Dr. Shariff. “Having straight teeth is so important because crowding causes retention of plaque and makes it more difficult to keep those areas clean. When you are unable to clean your teeth properly, you become susceptible to gum disease and cavities. The oral health of the patient is the most important thing.”

In addition to having a large database of before and after photos, Dr. Shariff said that she and Dr. Siddiqui share their own experiences of undergoing Invisalign treatments. This helps reassure their patients of its effectiveness.

Katy Gentle Dentists’ first priority always has been and always will be the comfort and care of their patients. Dr.Shariff explained that the process with the patient is very involved.

The advanced technology offered at Katy Gentle Dentists also aids in the process of procedures like dental implants, which are strategically planned, created, and placed all within the practice.

“I’m very honest with my patients,” said Dr. Shariff. “We show them the pictures, we tell them about all of the success we’ve had in the past and explain how vital it can be to their health. We’re with them every step of the way.”



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