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Institute for Hormonal Balance and BioTE Mandy Cotten

Institute for Hormonal Balance and BioTE

Mandy Cotten, FNP-C


There are few things in life more valuable than your health. Fortunately, there’s plenty each of us can do to work toward optimum wellness. Eat right. Exercise. Get plenty of rest. Yet even the most proactive wellness plan can’t prevent the aging process. In order to age gracefully, you need a trusted holistic health provider like Mandy Cotten.

Mandy is in the quality of life business. For years now, she’s made a dramatic impact on the quality of life of men and women—in the Arlington and Irving areas and far beyond—through optimizing hormone levels with bioidentical hormone pellets placed under their skin. At the Institute for Hormonal Balance she and her staff strive to provide individualized treatment plans for patients in multiple stages of life—men and women alike. But bioidentical hormone replacement is only one of the ways they do this.

“For our female patients, we begin with comprehensive well-woman care,” Mandy said. “An annual well-woman exam is a great time to go over any questions you have with your provider, talk about any symptoms you’re experiencing, and make sure your body is operating the way it should. We’re not concerned merely with longevity, but with living life to its fullest potential.”

If hormone imbalance is an issue, Mandy may discuss the BioTE ® Method of Hormone Optimization which includes balancing estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, and vitamin status so they work together in the body to establish optimal health. “Our hormones are one of the most important regulators in our bodies,” Mandy said. “Hormones are designed to interact with specific areas of the body to keep us functioning as normal, and as we age, hormone production declines resulting in side effects and symptoms. Unbalanced hormones place us at risk for disease processes and result in a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, mood changes, brain fog, and decreased stamina. Balanced hormones are essential for mental health and disease prevention” Mandy explained.

The Institute for Hormonal Balance also specializes in aesthetic services, sexual wellness, and weight management. The office offers Botox, Dermal Fillers, SkinPen, and skin tightening. “SlimShots and the Doctor Supervised Weight Loss program are promising weight management support tools” states Mandy. “We believe that sexual wellness is extremely important to quality of life and relationship happiness. We are pleased to offer treatments for sexual dysfunction such as the O-Shot, Priapus Shot, Emsella (FDA approved device for incontinence), and other treatments.”

Dr. Mandy Cotten, FNP-C received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from TCU and completed her doctorate at Loyola University in New Orleans. “I’ve worked alongside Dr. Gary Donovitz, a world-renowned expert in hormone optimization and have been practicing the BioTE ® Method of Hormone Optimizatio for five years, with wonderful success.” Mandy is also the director of BioTE Clinic and Research and trains other providers on the BioTE ® Method of Hormone Optimization. When not on the job, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Casey, and their two children, Rylie & Ashton.


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