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Kimberly S. Marshall, MD, FACOG

Dr. Kimberly Marshall knew she wanted to be a physician from childhood. “That just naturally seemed the way I wanted to go, and I never really thought of doing anything else,” she said.

Dr. Marshall grew up in south Texas, and after graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, she received her medical degree from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. During her early medical training she admits she wanted to do literally everything. Eventually, however, after considering pediatrics, she remained at UT Southwestern for her residency in obstetrics and gynecology, finding great joy in that special niche where she could care for mothers and their babies. “It’s really what I fell in love with,” she says.

Dr. Marshall has practiced for eleven  years and came to Grapevine OBGYN in 2016. She has come to believe that an essential element in health care is clear, open communication between patient and doctor, but that’s something not always easily accomplished.

Interestingly, she finds that through the Internet and its abundance of health-related information from reputable sources, such as medical schools and nationally-renowned clinics, her patients have become much better informed about many health issues and treatment options. This heightened level of knowledge, she asserts, makes it much easier for patients and doctors to communicate effectively, leading to vastly improved medical care.

In the years Dr. Marshall has practiced, many advances have occurred in obstetrics and gynecologic care. These include less invasive surgical procedures, like the di Vinci® Surgical System that permits Dr. Marshall to operate by making a few small incisions, minimizing patient discomfort and recovery time.

In addition to improved surgical procedures, great improvements have been made in nonsurgical techniques in gynecologic care, such as the use of hormonal therapies to ease the symptoms of menopause. Still another major advancement is the use of vaccines such as Gardasil 9 to prevent cervical cancer in girls and women.

Unfortunately, women are often so caught up in family care and career that they neglect their own health needs or try to short-cut the process. “An annual exam,” she emphasizes, “is much more than just a pap test.”

For the recent advances in gynecologic care to have their maximum effect, Dr. Marshall encourages all women to undergo a thorough, yearly health screening, including a mammogram and an evaluation of their overall lifestyle, to detect and treat problems in their early stages.

Dr. Marshall take prides in providing the highest level of personal and professional care for all her patients. Whether you’re looking for routine health screening, care during pregnancy, or have a special gynecologic condition needing medical management or surgery, Dr. Kimberly Marshall and her associates at Grapevine OBGYN provide the latest in care, and they will work with you to answer any questions and develop a plan to meet your particular medical needs.

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