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Richard W. Boyd, Jr. DDS, MS and Fred A. Garrett, DDS, MS

Smiling is a universal sign of happiness. Studies have shown that when a person is smiling, it affects certain muscles that can make that person feel happy. Smiling can actually boost your immune system and your physical health as well, allowing you to live up to seven years longer!

For many people, overcrowded, excessively spaced or crooked teeth cause embarrassment or shame, causing them to avoid smiling altogether, or prompting them to cover their mouth with their hand. The consequences of misaligned teeth go beyond self-image issues since they can contribute to a variety of life-threatening health issues. The inability to properly clean between teeth results in tooth decay and gum disease, which has been linked to many sys-temic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, obesity and even cancer. A misaligned bite can cause excessive wear, headaches, jaw pain and TMJ syn-drome. Straight teeth and a properly aligned bite improve self-confidence, increasing an indi-vidual’s happiness and contributing to better overall health.

If you or a loved one wants a healthy and beautiful smile, choosing the right doctor is the first step. It is important to understand the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist – all orthodontists are licensed dentists, but not all dentists are licensed orthodontists. In addition to a bachelor’s degree followed by 4 years of dental college, an orthodontist completes an additional two to three years of specialized orthodontic training. In addition, Dr. Garrett & Dr. Boyd are both Board Certified Orthodontists, a credential obtained by only 1 in 3 licensed or-thodontists. An experienced orthodontist evaluates each patient’s case and customizes a unique treatment plan based on the individual.

For Dr. Garrett, Dr. Boyd, and their staff, their work is about so much more than the fancy technology and the beautiful smiles they create. Dr. Garrett says, “We straighten teeth, but on the other end is a patient. We aren’t treating just the teeth but the patient.” Dr. Boyd adds, “I use the Golden Rule. I treat patients the way I would want to be treated.” With the patients’ interests at heart, these doctors provide options and suggest treatment they would do on their own children. Known as the “Gentle Dentists,” Dr. Garrett and Dr. Boyd truly take care of each patient. They are proud to have families they have treated for 3 and 4 generations. It’s understandable why so many patients have trusted their families’ smiles to Dr. Garrett and Dr. Boyd for forty years and why these doctors have been recognized as Top Docs in Fort Bend.

Obtaining a picture-perfect smile has never been easier. Technology and treatment options have advanced significantly since Dr. Fred Garrett and Dr. Richard Boyd began working to-gether in 1978. They establish an individualized treatment plan which allows each patient to obtain the results they desire, in less time with less discomfort. For incredible expertise, an enjoyable experience, and truly personal care, visit Garrett and Boyd Orthodontics.



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  • Surgical Orthodontics
  • TMJ treatment
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