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Jonathan Weinstein, MD, FACOG, Hillary Jarnagin, MD, FACOG, Christopher Ortiz, DO, JFACOG, Tara Kraf, WHNP

Having a baby should be one of the most beautiful experiences you ever have, but you may have a doctor who tries to pressure you into changing your birthing plan.  What do you do?  Well, you do not have to simply accept what your doctor wants, especially if they cannot give you a medical reason.  If you want to be left alone, is there another choice besides home birth?  You have another option for the experience you want to have.

Since 2009, Frisco Womens Health has provided women in Frisco and the surrounding areas with compassionate, experienced gynecological and obstetric care.  Drs. Jonathan Weinstein, Hillary Jarnagin, and Christopher Ortiz and Nurse Practitioner Tara Kraf, work with a “do no harm” philosophy and build a strong patient-physician partnership through active listening.  Through this partnership, patients become empowered and can feel confident that their health and their baby’s health are in good hands.

Frisco Women's Health Maternity Prenatal PregnancySupporting Birthing Choices

Letting nature take its course, the providers at Frisco Womens Health practice modern medicine without unnecessary intervention, giving expecting parents more peace of mind about their delivery experience.  For those who may have already had a C-Section in the past, the providers at Frisco Womens Health are supportive of Vaginal Births after C-Section (VBACS), when appropriate.  Proponents of natural childbirth and vaginal delivery, these providers gladly welcome doulas and other valuable birthing team members.

Frisco Womens Health is located adjacent to Medical City of Frisco (MCF), the only women’s and children’s hospital in the area.  MCF provides state-of-the-art care with 24-hour on premise anesthesiologists, obstetricians, and NICU providers.  MCF offers amenities that have set the standard for the community, such as complimentary birth classes, luxurious birthing suites large enough to accommodate families awaiting their bundles of joy, in-room electric breast pumps, supportive lactation specialists, a celebratory meal and City Gourmet room service meals.

Less Intervention

Compared to the 35 to 40 percent primary cesarean section delivery rate for the area, Frisco Womens Health delivers babies via C-section at a significantly lower rate for both singleton and twin pregnancies.  How do they achieve such a low rate for unplanned C-sections?

They believe in minimizing medical interventions such as elective induction of labor, which can cause fetal distress and malpresentation of the fetal head.  When a baby is breech at 36 weeks, the providers of Frisco Womens Health are proficient in external cephalic version, a technique used to turn a baby to the head-down position, so normal vaginal delivery can occur.  With the help of their supportive Labor and Delivery nursing staff, their goal is to provide each family with the best birthing experience possible.

Regardless of how far along you are in pregnancy, the providers welcome anyone seeking a second opinion or a doctor who will listen.


“We are committed to taking the time to listen and then address your physical and emotional concerns.  Consultation with each new patient gives each woman the opportunity to get to know us, ask questions and in return get options”.

Personalized Patient Care and a Team Approach

Just because the providers at Frisco Womens Health avoid unnecessary intervention in pregnancy, it does not mean they ignore their patients.  While other obstetricians and gynecologists may see 30 or more patients, their schedule allows for a maximum of 15 to 20 patients scheduled per day.  The extra time allows them to form relationships that have lasted for a decade and extended well beyond the birth of a child.

Dr. Weinstein says, “We are committed to taking the time to listen and then address your physical and emotional concerns.  Consultation with each new patient gives each woman the opportunity to get to know us, ask questions and in return get options”.

Each provider at Frisco Womens Health follows the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines for women’s healthcare and frequently act as their patients’ primary care provider.  In the instances when a medical problem falls outside their knowledge and expertise, they recommend only the best doctors to their patients, as they would do for their own family.

Frisco Women's Health ServicesAdvanced Gynecology

Frisco Womens Health provides patients with both medical and surgical options.  Their physicians are trained in the latest gynecologic techniques and have advanced training on the da Vinci® robot, a tool for minimally invasive surgery that reduces blood loss and recovery time.  It is used to perform hysterectomies, fibroid removal, and clean-up of endometriosis or adhesions causing chronic pelvic pain.  In addition, they use the latest hysteroscopic techniques for the evaluation of severe menstrual cramps, bleeding, and infertility.  Whatever the gynecological issue, these providers can help you find the right solution for your situation.

Customer Service

At Frisco Womens Health, the staff uses an electronic medical record for easy, confidential communication with their patients, providing immediate access to laboratory results and electronic prescription services.  For convenience they have an in-network laboratory provider, in-office surgical procedures with an anesthesiologist, an office-based sonographer, expectant mom parking on level P3 of their covered parking garage, and natural childbirth classes, which are available to the entire community.  Regardless of the service needed, Frisco Womens Health makes every effort to make it easier and more enjoyable for women to get medical treatment in a cost-conscious manner.

Your birthing plan does not have to change just to be more convenient for your doctor.  You can have a say in your treatment and your experience, helping you make memories that will last a lifetime.  No matter how far along you are in pregnancy, your medical problem, or your state of health, the providers at Frisco Womens Health can deliver the care and attention you deserve.  See what they can do for you by scheduling a consultation today!

Conditions Treated at Frisco Womens Health

  • Second Opinions
  • High and Low Risk Pregnancies
  • Menstrual Problems
  • da Vinci® Robotic Surgery
  • Incontinence
  • Difficulty Conceiving and Recurrent Miscarriage
  • Well Woman Exams
  • Menopause and Perimenopause
  • Fibroids, Endometriosis and Ovarian Cyst Management
  • Contraceptive Options


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