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Happy and healthy little smiles are abundant at Children’s Dental Centre of Irving (CDCI). With a colorful, engaging, kid-friendly office, children know right away “this place is for me,” but there’s more to CDCI than meets the eye.

Parents appreciate that the CDCI team strives to create a positive dental experience for their children at each visit. Dr. Reena Kuba, the Centre’s founder, opened the practice with a clear vision—to create a place where patients experience quality care along with dentistry that is ever-evolving and improving. She also wanted to foster an atmosphere where parents feel comfortable asking questions about their child’s dental status. Her team continues to work toward this vision every day.

Over time, Dr. Kuba enlisted her colleagues— dentists she would trust to treat her own children—to help her further her vision of prevention-focused dentistry provided in a compassionate manner. Board-certified pediatric dentists Drs. Kuba, Viswanathan, Shah (not pictured), and Curtis, share the desire to provide outstanding care for the little patients they are privileged to treat. Similar to pediatricians who receive several years of extra medical training to treat children and their needs, pediatric dentists spend two to three years receiving specialty training specifically to treat children. Dr. Yasi Sabour, a general dentist who joined CDCI in 2018, also completed a specialty in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. Her expertise in cosmetic dentistry and advanced restorative care helps CDCI further meet the needs of their growing patients.

“I’m thrilled and honored to have a team of doctors and staff dedicated to creating an environment focused on outstanding patient care. Each team member knows our primary goal: The child’s needs come first— our patients are counting on us. Our role as advocates for children and their oral health needs is a top priority for each member of our team,” Dr. Kuba says with pride.

Children's Dental Centre of Irving


The Centre’s glowing 5-star reviews say it all, but we went further and talked with Holly and Alyse, whose children are CDCI patients. Although both families have moved out of the Irving area, these moms drive many miles to return for high-quality pediatric dental care.

“My middle child became fearful of dental appointments after a bad experience elsewhere,” Holly says. “His attitude completely changed once he came to CDCI where our experience is always pleasant and positive. All of my kids look forward to seeing the dentist now.”

“I trust this office,” says Holly, who wants to be educated and informed about her children’s oral health. “They take time to explain things to me and my kids at their different developmental levels. They love the caring nature and gentle, reassuring chairside manner, too.”

She adds, “My children have had extractions and the office always calls the same day to see how they’re doing. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Alyse is grateful to have found CDCI. “My son didn’t like going to the dentist before coming to CDCI. Now, both he and my daughter get excited when it’s appointment time. Everyone is upbeat, friendly, and knowledgeable, and I appreciate that I can be with my kids during treatment instead of having to wait out front. CDCI is the best, in my opinion!” she says.


Children's Dental Centre of Irving


“Colorfully painted walls, toys, and TVs are nice office touches, but what’s vitally important is that children get the appropriate dental advice and care for their age and developmental level,” says Dr. Kuba. “With our years of specialty training, practicing, teaching, researching, and consulting, we can offer this expert advice. We look at a patient’s overall health and see the whole child, not just a set of teeth.”

When dental treatment is required, use of advanced technology such as lasers can make the appointment easier (less drilling is required). The laser is also used for bacterial reduction therapy— which addresses moderate to severely inflamed gums—and minimally invasive frenectomy. Children with thick frenums can develop orthodontic or periodontic problems. Additionally, the laser is an amazing tool to help infants born with “lip or tongue ties” that prevent them from latching and feeding properly, a situation that can be extremely stressful for parents with a newborn.

“We recently saw an infant who couldn’t swallow properly. He came in with a feeding tube inserted into his nose to help him feed and gain weight,” Dr. Kuba shares. “The next step for him was surgery to have a feeding tube inserted into his stomach. Understandably, the parents were frantic for answers. We performed a laser frenectomy and not only did the baby avoid a stomach tube, the nasal tube was no longer necessary. We shed tears of joy when the parents told us how successful the procedure was. Helping improve our patients’ lives is why we leave our families and come to work each day.”


The CDCI doctors are educators whose diagnosis and treatment recommendations are based on research and upto- date knowledge. In fact, Drs. Kuba, Viswanathan, and Shah teach part-time in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at TAMU College of Dentistry. In addition, Dr. Kuba has been named one of D Magazine’s Best Dentists in Dallas multiple times. “All of us at CDCI embrace continuing education and lifelong learning, and we hold regular team meetings to share knowledge and insights,” Dr. Kuba says. “We seek continual improvement and expand our knowledge to make a positive impact on our patients’ oral health and their lives.”



Your child’s smile and oral health is in the best of hands at Children’s Dental Centre of Irving.  Schedule an appointment today.

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