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Holly A. Barko, MD

Before Dr. Holly A. Barko joined Advanced Skin Fitness Medical Spa and CoolSculpting Center as medical director last year, she was a client for eight years. “I had such a great experience as a client and patient. I always felt like I was getting the best possible treatment in a caring environment,” she says. “There are so many places around DFW, but you don’t know if you’re getting what you think you’re getting.” 

Unlike other facilities around the Metroplex, Advanced Skin Fitness is unique in that it offers a range of services in one place. In addition to CoolSculpting, patients can explore treatments such as IV nutrition therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, gut health restoration, hydrafacials, photo facials, Clear+Brilliant, micro needling, facial fillers, Botox, and Dysport.

“People can get nutrition counseling, CoolSculpting, hormone balancing, skin treatments and more,” says Dr. Barko. “There are so many things we do that complement each other in terms of results.”

Dr. Barko fell in love with the world of skincare and aesthetics after completing medical school at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, an internship in internal medicine at Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, followed by residency in anesthesiology at the Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. As she noticed her patients becoming sicker and more overweight, Dr. Barko decided to study aesthetics, and functional and anti-aging medicine to intervene early and help patients look and feel younger.

“In addition to seeing each and every aesthetic patient prior to treatment to determine that their skin and body transformation program is appropriate, I take care of people with various health conditions and help them get on a track toward wellness using lifestyle interventions, nutrition counseling, and hormone therapy,” says Dr. Barko. “Basically, it’s a whole anti-aging package. We’re not just doing skin and body treatments but also things to treat from within. The earlier we can intervene, the better.”

Dr Barko sees a diverse patient population as people become increasingly interested in wellness, anti-aging, and skincare. She treats men and women who range in age from their 20s to their 80s. “There’s definitely a trend toward preventive care and aesthetics,” she says.

Dr. Barko urges individuals to remember that not all procedures such as CoolSculpting are the same when performed by different technicians. She has seen patients disappointed that procedures such as CoolSculpting or other aesthetic services didn’t work for them in the past, and it comes down to the facility, experience, and training of the staff. “They basically were told [at another facility] they needed less than what they needed in an effort to make a sale, or they were recommended treatments that were inappropriate also in order to make a sale,” Dr. Barko says. “We don’t do that. We’ll turn people away if we think we can’t get them the best outcome in terms of how many cycles or treatments and where the applicators must be. We want them to have a great result, so we’ll be honest. If it’s not in someone’s budget, it’s okay for them to wait and come back.”

One of Dr. Barko’s favorite sayings is, “Believe you can and you will.” She says, “As soon as you make a decision to do something, whether it’s to get healthier, improve your blood pressure, or come out of your shell, that’s the first step.”

If you’re ready to reach your wellness, anti-aging and aesthetic goals, Dr. Barko and her team are ready to provide highly skilled, individualized care. Take the first step by booking a free consultation with Advanced Skin Fitness.


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