Accent Podiatry Associates

Accent Podiatry Associates

Accent Podiatry Associates

Dharmesh Bhakta, DPM, FACFAS
Keyvan Ganz, DPM, FACFAS
Shae Paschal, DPM, FACFAS
Jinal Mehta, DPM
Jacob Jasper, DPM, AACFAS
Steve Silvery, LPT, CWC

The mission of Accent Podiatry Associates is simply this—to remain on the leading edge of knowledge and technology while providing compassionate quality care for disorders, conditions, and injuries affecting the foot and ankle. And their patients couldn’t be more grateful. After all, it’s easy not to think about your feet, when everything is working and pain-free. But when conditions such as plantar fasciitis, neuromas, hammertoes, bunions, flat feet, heel spurs, or Achilles tendonitis greet you each morning and accompany you to bed each night, it can be hard to think of much else.

Drs. Dharmesh Bhakta, Keyvan Ganz, Shae Paschal, Jinal Mehta, Jacob Jasper, and Steve Silvery understand. It’s why they spend their days looking for and treating the root cause of these and other foot or ankle problems—not merely masking symptom but discovering and addressing the source of your pain or dysfunction. Daily pain is not just a symptom of aging. You don’t need to suck it up and deal with it. The Accent Podiatry doctors and staff are here to help you discover the source of your pain and treat it.

They’ve established a one-stop-shop to handle anything from simple fungal toenails to complex foot and ankle surgery. They place an emphasis on patient education, concisely presenting all options to their patients then partnering with them to pursue the least invasive treatment first—only progressing to surgery, when all conservative options have been explored.

Accent Podiatry is more than just a healthcare practice. It is a group of individuals who collectively make up a close family that’s involved in the care and wellbeing of their patients, neighbors, and friends. The Accent Podiatry offices at 3050 South Center Street in Arlington and 221 Regency Parkway in Mansfield are fun places to visit, with doctors and staff always laughing and joking around. After all, it’s easy to have that attitude, when you’re doing the work that you love.

The doctors and staff of Accent Podiatry realize your life can be hectic and your time is valuable. That’s why they’re committed to making their practice and care as convenient and accessible as possible, respecting appointment times, and making themselves available, when their patients need them. On their website at they provide educational videos on topics such as Total Ankle Reconstruction, Triple Nerve Decompression for chronic foot pain, and possible causes of chronic burning feet. They accept most insurance plans and welcome new patients.

If you’re experiencing problems with your feet or ankles, it’s not just a biproduct of aging or a nuisance to learn to live with. Let the professionals at Accent Podiatry Associates help you find the root cause of your foot/ankle problems and regain your active, pain-free life again.



Arlington Office
3050 South Center Street
Suite 140
Arlington, Texas 76017
(817) 557-1006

Mansfield Office
221 Regency Parkway
Suite 117
Mansfield, Texas 76063
(817) 477-3611