360 Family and Implant Dentistry

360 Family and Implant Dentistry

360 Family and Implant Dentistry

360 Family and Implant Dentistry is  a progressive general dental office offering a variety of dental services including dental implants and a full menu of cosmetic dentistry options. In their mission to provide the Grand Prairie community with comprehensive dentistry, they tailor care to each individual patient, focusing on learning their needs and earning their trust by providing consistent treatment options and fees.

Meet Dr. Gonzales

Dr. Christopher Gonzales is a student of life—and of his chosen field of dentistry. Passionate about discovering the latest opportunities and evolving dental materials, he chose to further his studies with a focus on prosthodontics, the dental specialty primarily concerned with the restoration and replacement of lost or damaged teeth. Sometimes called the “architects of the smile,” prosthodontists train in all the elements of a beautiful, functional, and natural-looking smile—not just teeth, but gums, lips, and facial features.

“When someone seeks my help, I want to know I’m doing all I can, personally and professionally; using all my available faculties to help them,” he said.

“My work in the prosthodontic field allows me to look for new and better technologies for my patients that are less invasive and more convenient. I’ve enjoyed learning how to create the dental restorations I deliver.”

Meet Dr. Nguyen

Ticole is one of those rare people who settled on her career path early in life. “When I was in 10th grade, I knew I wanted to pursue dentistry,” she said. “I participated in summer dental programs at Baylor Dental School. After I graduated, I worked at a corporate dental office for a while and was blessed to work with an amazing and wonderful senior dentist who became my mentor and encouraged me to open my own office.

Dr. Nguyen understands not everyone has a positive opinion of going to the dentist. But she’s all about changing that. “I didn’t have very good dental experiences growing up, so I went into dentistry to make things different for my patients,” she said.

“Fear of the dentist and the dental office is a very real thing. I’ve had many fillings and crowns, so I’m empathetic with my patients. I understand that, and I’m dedicated to changing it.”

Drs. Gonzales and Nguyen are now accepting new patients.


5210 South State Hwy. 360, Suite #500
Grand Prairie, Texas 75052
(at the crossroad of Highway 360
and Camp Wisdom)
(469) 616-0488